9 WordPress Myths That Might Surprise You

If you are new to using WordPress you may have heard a number of things about WordPress that held information that was slightly less than the whole truth. Here in the WordPress community we refer to these misrepresentations as “WordPress Myths”.

WordPress Myths are either completely fictitious or an exaggerated conception of what WordPress really is. The problem with Myths is that they tend to be a widely held but false belief in what typically contains some truth to it.

Myth 1: Too Many Plugins Slow Your Site

WordPress Myth PlausibleIt depends. According to Mike Little, the co-founding developer of WordPress, some plugins are slow, some plugins are fast, some plugins have absolutely no effect. Some plugins are built and designed specifically to speed UP your site.

Myth 2: Inactive Plugins Slow Your Site

WordPress Myth BustedInactive plugins have nothing to do with the speed of your site. It is worth noting though, that inactive plugins, among other things, on your site should be kept up to date. Outdated plugins on your site do pose a security risk.

Myth 3: Inactive Themes Slow Your Site

WordPress Myth BustedInactive themes, just like plugins, have nothing to do with the speed of your site. Inactive themes on your site should also be kept up to date. Outdated themes on your site do pose a security risk.

Myth 4: Too Many Revisions Slow Your Site

WordPress Myth BustedRevisions have no effect on the speed of your site. I like Mike’s perspective on this as was presented in one of his presentations last February…

“WordPress is clever enough to ignore revisions on the front end” and “MySQL is clever enough that a lot of revisions makes no difference to query speed.”

Revisions do however take up space in the database.

Myth 5: Keeping a lot of Trash or Not Emptying the Trash Slows Your Site

WordPress Myth BustedKeeping a lot in your trash and not emptying your trash has no effect on the speed of your site for the same reasoning that was applied to the revisions. And like having a lot of revisions, a lot of trash items also occupies database space.

Myth 6: WordPress is for Blogs

WordPress Myth PlausibleIt is true that WordPress is for blogs, but it is not ONLY for blogs. Wikipedia states that WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system.

Myth 7: WordPress is Unprofessional

Many large professional and governmental national companies are using WordPress. Some examples are, Ford Motor Company, the Wall Street Journal and the United States Department of Health.

Myth 8: WordPress Websites are Low Quality

WordPress Myth PlausibleIt is true that there are many low quality WordPress websites out on the Internet. However, it is not WordPress that makes the websites worthless, it is what the owners, designers and developers of those sites have chosen to do with WordPress. That being said there are many sites on the Internet that display high quality WordPress websites like CNN and Number 10 Downing Street.

Myth 9: WordPress is Insecure

WordPress can be as secure as any other site on the internet. History shows that WordPress has not had a major security problem in over 2 years. The more precautions you take to secure you site, the more secure it will be. As mentioned earlier, outdated themes and plugins can open security holes – as can anything that is on your site that is not up to date. Even hosting companies can be the root of some security issues.

There are many more WordPress Myths floating around. I would love to hear some of the crazy things that you have found (or heard from potential clients) to be myth as you became familiar with WordPress.