A Must-Have Plugin for BuddyPress to Stop Splogs Dead in their Tracks and Create Instant Community

A Must-Have Plugin for BuddyPress to Stop Splogs Dead in their Tracks and Create Instant Community

Are you tired of visiting your BuddyPress site and finding spam users littering up your membership directory? Despite our best efforts, sometimes spammers are able to get through and create accounts. There is a plugin you should know about in the continual battle of man against evil machines, specifically those designed to create splogs. BuddyPress Registration Options is a tool we’d like to feature, because not only does it halt splogs at the door but it also puts a little fertilizer on your installation to help grow your community and connect your users.

What will this plugin do for me?

1. Moderate New Accounts

New members will not be able to interact with any of the BuddyPress components, with the exception of editing their own profile and uploading an avatar. Moderation is optional, but if it is enabled, the new member will not be listed in the member directory until his account is approved by an administrator.


2. Display Custom Activation Messages

The administrator is able to customize the “Activate & Profile Alert Message” that the newly signed up users sees after clicking submit, as well as emails that notify if the account is approved or denied. These email customizations are all available through the dashboard.


3. Create Instant Community

It also comes with a really handy function that allows users to select groups and blogs they wish to take part in at the time of registration. This automatically gets them linked into your community without the user having to sift through all of your available groups and blogs. There are admin options for the plugin that allow you to select which groups you want to make available at registration.


This plugin is offered by Webdevestudios.com and you can download it from there.

Options can be found at Dashboard >> Settings >> BP Registration Options

We are partnering with you to defeat evil splogs once and for all. Please comment if you have a particularly lethal method for stopping slogs in their tracks!