A Quick Fix For Your IE 9 and WordPress Woes

A Quick Fix For Your IE 9 and WordPress Woes

I’ve seen a few mentions on twitter and over in the WordPress.org forums about strange problems users are experiencing in their WordPress dashboards when using Internet Explorer 9.

The problems seem to be particularly frequent if you haven’t yet upgraded to 3.1.1 of WordPress. In most cases users can’t edit posts or drag widgets around – it’s very frustrating actually.

So what are your options if you aren’t able to upgrade WordPress at the moment and are using IE 9?

It’s easy!

Step 1: Go here or here. ;)

That’s it! And I promise you will be happier!

But if that’s not an option either, then fine, here is a fix that will work.

Step 1: Go to your blog’s dashboard

Step 2: Hit the ‘Alt’ key

A super secret menu will appear – apparently the usability whizzes at Microsoft thought hiding it behind the ‘alt’ key was a good idea!

Step 3: Go to Tools > Compatibility View

This time that really is it! Now your site is running like you are using IE 7 instead.

For you hard core types, you could also try the custom HTTP header or meta tag advice from Microsoft’s support site, especially if you are having front-end problems with your theme or site too.