A Quick Twitter Plugin Roundup to Celebrate Twitter’s 5th Birthday

A Quick Twitter Plugin Roundup to Celebrate Twitter’s 5th Birthday

Twitter birdsToday Twitter turns five years old. That’s five whole years of tweets, chit-chat and trending. You can check out some cool Twitter facts and figures on over on the Twitter blog.

Here is the first ever Tweet:

first ever tweetAhhhh, memories!

As far as I’m concerned, WordPress + Twitter = Happiness. Twitter is a fantastic tool for promoting your posts and for interacting with the wider community.

WordPress users love their Twitter integration. There are currently 660 plugins tagged “Twitter” in the WordPress plugin repository. That’s a lot of tweeting.

And what Twitter birthday would be complete without a quick roundup of some of our favorite Twitter plugins? It’s not like there aren’t enough Twitter plugin roundups out there already.

But first, here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need Twitter plugins for:

  • Follow button
  • Sharing Button
  • Feed widget
  • WordPress to Twitter
  • URL Shortener (to maximize those 140 characters!)

Get those things right and Twitter and WordPress will live harmoniously.

Sooo…. Five Essential Twitter Plugins!

1. Wickett Twitter Widget

wickett twitter widgetThe Wickett Twitter widget lets you display tweets from one or all of your Twitter accounts. This is particularly good for group blogs where you want to display feeds from lots of different users. It’s easy to customize and with a little bit of CSS you can style it how you want.

2. YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter

yourls logoYOURLS is a GPL URL shortener that you can use to make your own custom shortened URLS. You can use this WordPress plugin to automatically tweet your new posts and pages, using your snazzy custom shortened URL. If you’re already happy with other URL shorteners you can use it with bit.ly tinyURL and is.gd

3. Add To Any

Add to Any ButtonI’m a fan of cutting down on the number of plugins that you use to one plugin that does lots is good for me. The Add to Any plugin lets your readers share your content with over 100 social networking site. That’s pretty comprehensive! If you sign up for the website you can also track your website’s stats.

4. WP Follow Me

I use this Twitter “Follow” button on most of my websites. I like how it floats beside the scroll bar, staying in place when visitors scroll down the page. It stands out from the rest of the content without being obtrusive. Also, I like the little birdie.

5. Twitter Tools

twitter toolsTwitter Tools is the classic WordPress Twitter plugin that is used for more than 750,000 people. That’s a lot of people having fun with Alex King’s plugin. It hasn’t officially been updated to work with WordPress 3.1 yet but no doubt we’ll see an update soon. If you want a twitter widget and the ability to post between WordPress and Twitter and back again, as well as a bundled URL shortener (bit.ly) then it’s worth giving Twitter Tools a go.