A Smooth, Minimal Way to Hide the WordPress Admin Bar

A Smooth, Minimal Way to Hide the WordPress Admin Bar

It’s not very often that I install a new plugin on sites I’ve had running for awhile, but because of the pure simplicity and elegance of this one, it’s going on the list. Admin Bar Toggle is a new plugin that provides a better overall experience of the WordPress admin bar.

A Cleaner Way to Display the WordPress Admin Bar

Created by developer James Kemp, this plugin minimizes the admin bar while still keeping it accessible through an unobtrusive arrow at the top of the screen.

Here’s a screenshot before you toggle the admin bar down:


Here’s what it looks like once it’s been pulled down. As you can see, there’s a very small unobtrusive arrow at the top to toggle it back up:

If you’re a WordPress user who hates the look and placement of the admin bar but recognize its usefulness, consider installing Admin Bar Toggle. It keeps the admin bar from becoming the focal point of the top of your page while still allowing you easy access to the dashboard. It’s often the little things that make WordPress more of a pleasure to use and this little gem is one of my new favorites. Download Admin Bar Toggle for free from the WordPress repository.