A Sneak Peek At Easy WP: Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Super Simple CMS

A Sneak Peek At Easy WP: Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Super Simple CMS

The WordPress CMS is great out of the box and with so many expandable options, this platform has proven to be a great framework for even the largest, most complicated website or community. Sometimes, however, the great bulk of options in the dashboard can become cluttered, confusing and over-complicated for a very small website that doesn’t have the need for all of the bells and whistles.

Finally, A Dashboard For the Little Guy

That is why we are excited to introduce you to the Easy WP, a new CMS plugin. This collaboration between To Wonder Multimedia and Motief:Collectief reduces the extraneous back end elements of WordPress while still listing all of a website’s pages for a clean and simple approach to accessing site content. Easy WP has design elements that are easy on the eyes and help keep your WordPress dashboard simple.

Check out the more screenshots here: easy-wp.com/

Satisfy your love of Stats

Easy WP currently works with the wordpress.com stats plugin so that you can easily get access to statistics for your site, though the plugin’s development blog makes it clear that, because of complicated steps involving API requests and the setup hassle, the authors intend to implement new statistics soon. That development should allow the plugin to work with standard Google Analytics support via the WordPress Google Analytics Reports plugin by imthiaz.

Don’t understand Dutch? No worries.

Don’t be put off by the current Dutch-only installation. The developers assure us that by Friday Easy WP will be internationalized for other developers to get their language packs ready for integration.

This plugin is a fantastic addition to any small website that would benefit from an extremely simplified dashboard. Follow Easy WP on Twitter for all the latest news and check back at the WP repository for the English version later this week.