Add Bulk Plugin Installation to WordPress

Add Bulk Plugin Installation to WordPress

What’s the first thing most people do after installing WordPress? Why, install plugins and themes, of course! The usual process is to add plugins one by one. Now there’s an excellent new tool available that will speed things up, especially if you plan to install more than just a handful of plugins.

Bulk Plugin Installation is a new plugin that allows you to install one or more plugins simply by typing their names or download URLs in a new textarea added to the “Add New” plugin page.

If you often find yourself setting up WordPress installations or have the need to create test sites, this is a plugin that can help you speed up the process. You can maintain your own text list of the plugins you frequently use and then simply paste it into the box to install them all at once.

Bulk Plugin Installation is something that I would love to see built into the WordPress core. I tested it and found that it gives you blazing fast installation for multiple plugins. For now you can grab it as a free plugin from the repository and use it to make downloading everything else much easier.