Add Colorful Syntax Highlighting to the WordPress Theme and Plugin Editor

When making quick updates to a WordPress site, you often find yourself using the built in theme and plugin editor in order to bypass FTP. However, web-based text editing has its drawbacks – there’s no way to undo an error after you submit it. If you break things badly enough, you’ll have to go through FTP to make it right again. Text areas within the editor are completely bare bones. So if you’re trying to find a certain line referred to you by a number, you’ll just have to estimate.

The WP Code Editor Plus plugin aims to improve your experience when making updates through the dashboard. This plugin brings the best features of off-line code editing software into the WordPress theme and plugin editor.

Current Features of WP Code Editor Plus:

  • Syntax Highlighter
  • JavaScript Code Completion
  • Ability to resize the theme/plugin editor via click & drag

Depending on ratings, feedback and polls, the plugin’s developer may work to include the following features in the future:

  • Options Page
  • Multiple files opened at the same time
  • Tabs
  • Horizontal Splits
  • Verticle Splits
  • Find and Replace
  • Revision Control
  • File Backup Ability
  • Preview Ability

So if you like this plugin and would like to see development continue with new features, make sure to let the plugin author know about it. Nothing is more encouraging to a plugin developer than positive feedback from people who are benefiting from it. That, and donations. ;)

I have installed the WP Code Editor Plus and tested it with WordPress 3.1. I can confirm it works just as advertised. It’s one of those small, happy things that make your WordPress life a little bit easier. For more information and updates, please visit the RingZero Development blog.