Add new users… in batches and without blogs!

Add new users… in batches and without blogs!

And here’s our second submission before the holidays, a rather nifty add new users tool that does something a lot of people have been after…  allowing you to batch add bunches of new users to blogs without actually creating blogs for them.

It’s called, ahem, Add New Users :)

And it’s a really handy tool for any site that might find their existing bloggers wanting to add lots of new users as collaborators or contributors to their site, without each of them having a new blog created from them.

Of course, if you do want your new users to have blogs we have a tool for that too – the blog and user creator (or batch create if you prefer csv) – but this particular plugin does the job for just users on their own.

Simply drop it into mu-plugins and blog administrators will see a nice new option in their ‘Users’ menu giving them the option to ‘Add New Users’.

Add new users

To add the new users, blog administrators simply enter the username they would like to give
them, their email
address and – should they so choose – a password for them.

They may also select the level that they wish them to access to the site – you can find out more about different levels of access here.

If they do not enter a password a random one will be generated.

All new users will receive an email containing their new username, password and login link.

And of course, it uses nice simple forms, so can be easily used by anyone!

Ann new users form

You can download Add New Users here.