Add Real-Time Topsy Social Widgets to Your WordPress Site

Add Real-Time Topsy Social Widgets to Your WordPress Site

We all know that Twitter is used addictively by millions of people across the globe. But there are also people – you may even be one of them – who don’t enjoy using Twitter but would benefit from mining its best data.

What is Topsy?

If you haven’t already heard about Topsy, this next sentence might completely change the way you view social media. Topsy combines the functionality of a search engine with the content of the social web, i.e. Twitter, to provide relevant real-time chatter for just about anything you want to know about. Topsy also indexes and ranks the results based on the most influential conversations millions of people are having about your search term, topic or page.

Now, a new plugin called Topsy’s Social Modules lets you easily add a Topsy search to your WordPress site, allowing you to host the most influential thinkers and speakers from the world’s largest repository of tweets.

With this plugin, you can lend immediate credibility to your site’s focus by providing the absolute latest and greatest information on the topic of your choice. Monetizing is a snap as well, with the Topsy module offering one-click subject relevant ads at the user’s discretion.

The best news is that Topsy Social Modules filters out spam, ads, porn and profanity to make sure your site is getting the most quality content from the most influential Tweeters on your topic.

I tested out the process of adding Topsy widgets to a WordPress site. Installation and configuration of the widgets proved to be fast and easy, even a little bit fun. It’s simple to change the color of the background and text and the width and height are also adjustable down to 200 x 250.

For the perfect blend of information and trendiness, try Topsy’s Social Modules on your WordPress site. You can spice up your content with the most relevant and influential tweets, tailored to your favorite topic. It’s yet another way you can keep your visitors entertained and informed, and maybe even earn a few extra bucks.