Adobe Unveils New Subscription Based Model

Not directly WordPress related but definitely of interest to our readers – Adobe has just unveiled a new subscription based model for it’s popular Creative Suite. This includes Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, amongst others.

[Table from Digital Inspiration]

Adobe products have long been prohibitively expensive for many freelancers, particularly those just starting out.  Of course, Adobe does offer a 30 day trial at the minute, but users are prohibited from using that for commercial purposes. This new subscription based model means that you can grab a license for a month and cancel it once the month is up. Or perhaps you’re a Photoshop user and you need Flash for just this one project – now you can do it. Additionally, freelancers can factor the cost into any project overheads and build it into their costs.

Software subscriptions are only available through so if your country doesn’t have an online Adobe shop then you are out of luck.

Check out the software subscriptions here.

Are you an Adobe user? Would you like to be? Would a monthly subscription help you out?