Aggressively Multiply Sales and Traffic on Your WordPress Site With Your Own Affiliate Program

Aggressively Multiply Sales and Traffic on Your WordPress Site With Your Own Affiliate Program

If you haven’t yet gotten an affiliate marketing program in place, you may be missing out on loads of referrals from your most loyal supporters. If the wildly successful Amazon and GoDaddy affiliate programs are any indication, then affiliate marketing is one of the most immediate ways to catapult your business to the top and eliminate the need for an expensive sales force.  

There are several companies, such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, or Performics, who will happily charge you several thousand dollars to get an affiliate marketing system added to your website as well as an ongoing percentage of your sales in addition to what you’ll be paying your affiliates. However, setting up revenue sharing operations does not mean that you have to share with a big marketing company if you’re running a WordPress-based business.

Exponentially Increase Your Circle Without Hiring a Single Salesman

If you want to build your own affiliate marketing system but don’t want to give one dollar away to anyone but your affiliates, then you’ve come to the right place.  Do not be intimidated by the programming that goes into the tracking and management of affiliate marketing. There are tools to make it easy for you to begin establishing your system directly within your WordPress installation, without having to touch any code. 

The bulk of the affiliate plugins offered for free by the WordPress community were created to help blog owners market others’ affiliate products. This, however, is a very small slice of the pie.   Why not market your own brand by setting up a network of affiliates to advertise for you? You may be the best salesman in the world, but you can only be in one place at one time. Setting up an affiliate program takes the ceiling off your earnings and allows you to continue promoting your products and services while you sleep.

Set Up Your Affiliate Program With WordPress in Minutes

There is currently only one plugin that will do this for you- WordPress MU Affiliate. It works with WordPress single user, WPMU, and BuddyPress. If there was another plugin that even came close, I’d happily mention it, as I promote both free and premium plugins based on their usefulness. Affiliate Plus plugin has a similar functionality and is great for basic use, but it doesn’t automate your affiliate tracking for direct integration with payments. There’s no point in setting up a system if it doesn’t help you save time in rewarding your supporters.

WordPress MU Affilate allows you to provide your partners with compelling creative banner advertisements targeted to your niche market, without you having to touch a single line of code. It tracks unique clicks, signups, and paid memberships. It integrates 100% with our  Supporter plugin  so that when a free user decides to become a supporter, money is earned! If you want to experience it firsthand, go ahead and try out our program by signing up as an affiliate. See it in action:

We’ve already tested the success of this plugin with our own affiliate programs. The WP.MU and WPMU DEV affiliate programs have paid out over five figures since they were introduced. Our partners enjoy being apart of these programs because the plugin allows them to see how well they’re doing with real-time reports of clicks and sales generated by their websites, as well as rapid monthly payment and performance incentives. The plugin makes signing up for your site’s affiliate program super easy. The user simply enters his PayPal address and he’s ready to go.

Keys to Affiliate Marketing with WordPress

1. The Right Product

If you don’t have a product that people need and are already looking for, then don’t bother with affiliate marketing. You can have hundreds, even thousands of affiliates with a fantastic percentage promised to each of them, but if your product is useless, then it’s all for nothing.

2. The Right Partners

Your affiliate program needs to be known by the movers and shakers in your niche, people who trust your brand and can demonstrate the success of your products. If you tap into these key users and can offer them an attractive cut of your profits, they will send you more sales than you know what to do with. If you’ve spent the time creating a product that is second to none, then you more than likely have a network of people who would gladly recommend you and send you the most relevant leads. When you organize the super affiliates in your industry, those who make triple digits for themselves daily, then you create for yourself a seriously well-oiled machine for cranking out a never-ending source of sales.

3. The Right Tools

If you’re operating a WordPress-based business, then it is in your best interest to use tools that have been create specifically for WordPress sites. The WordPress MU Affiliate plugin is built to integrate with a WordPress database and run smoothly with your extensions. If your affiliate marketing program costs you time and energy because you have to check in with 3rd parties on a daily basis to track your progress, then it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. You need a WordPress dashboard widget that quickly notifies you of what’s going on in your network. The WordPress MU Affiliate plugin does this:


If 2010 is looking like every other year for you so far, consider adapting a new marketing strategy that rewards your affiliates for growing your business. Communicate with your partners and make sure they know the value of your products and how best to promote them. Like anything worth doing, building your affiliate network takes time. However, once your strategy is in place, the WordPress MU Affiliate will allow you to put your affiliate marketing on autopilot while you get back to doing what you do best – running your business.