Ask Our Project and Quality Assurance Manager Anything in Our First Ever AMA

Jack Kitterhing has one of the most important jobs at WPMU DEV: Project and Quality Assurance Manager. Basically, it’s his job to make sure our plugins do what we say they’re going to do, and do it well.

What you probably don’t know is that Jack has been the first person to take on this role. As WPMU DEV has grown, ensuring our plugins are top notch is a priority and Jack has worked hard to oversee and guide the development of our recent releases.

We get a lot of requests in our forums for new plugin features, as well as questions about upcoming releases, all of which Jack takes on board and answers when he can.

So in our first AMA – Ask Me Anything – here’s your chance to ask Jack anything right here, whether you want to know about how certain plugins work and why, what to expect in upcoming versions of our products, or even what Jack had for breakfast!

If you're a WPMU DEV member, you've probably run into Jack Kitterhing in our support forums.
If you’re a WPMU DEV member, you’ve probably run into Jack Kitterhing in our support forums.

Meet Jack Kitterhing

Here’s a bit of background about Jack: He’s based in the UK and was a super helpful WPMU DEV member who helped out a ton in our forums before applying for a job on our support team.

After some time as a team leader, he stepped up to take on the Project and Quality Assurance Manager role last year to guide the development and improvement of our plugins.

Ask Me (Jack!) Anything: Getting Involved

Anyone is welcome to ask a question, whether you’re a member or not. This post will be open for comments for 24 hours, giving readers in all time zones the chance to get involved.

Jack will be answering questions throughout the day and will return to answer questions tomorrow (he needs to sleep, after all!).

We’re looking forward to some great discussion!