An alternative to BuddyPress? Three new WordPress MU plugins: communities, messaging and friends

We’ve just released three new plugins that we think you’ll like and which, for many of us, might be a useful alternative to BuddyPress.

You see, we love BuddyPress, it’s really cool, but at the same time it basically *takes over* your WPMU site and not all of us want that, do we?

Also, BuddyPress doesn’t do some things that we’d like it to do – for example there are no wiki features.

Well, if you’re in the same boat as us then I hope we’ve got your problem solved, let me introduce to ya:

I can’t tell you how cool I personally find these to be, and naturally, I’ll let you be the judge of them in the end but let’s, for example, check out communities:

Anyone can create a community via the ‘Communities’ tab, then they can contribute to that communities message board, wiki or news areas or visit that communities dashboard.

Or, howabout messaging!

(Completely compatible with 2.6 and 2.7 too!)

Under the above tab users will have the opportunity to read their messages, send new messages, review sent messages, export their messages or turn on and off notification (by email) of messages.

And, for friends, I reckon I only need to show you this and tell you that there’s an unreal mosaicing widget included too:

And, needless to say, these are first releases which I’m sure we’ll be able to enhance in the future, so let us know how you like them and how you’d like to see them improved.