And lo, there was 2.7.1

Unreal, 2.7.1 is out today and I have to admit to personally being a bit too excited!

Of particular interest to y’all are probably going to be the first two major items:

  • A revamped plugin system thanks to Andy Peatling. Plugins installed in the plugins directory rather than mu-plugins can be activated and deactivated on all blogs with one click.
  • The admin bar was removed. It’ll be stuffed into a plugin instead.

It’s great to see plugin commander-esque functionality getting into the core (and well worth the wait :) and also I reckon it was the right call to remove the admin bar (for the moment) as we were running into some issues with it to – so that’s a nice timesaver.

Congrats as always to Donncha too… just in time for a slice of cake :)