Angry Sploggers Sound Off

Angry Sploggers Sound Off

Spammed Blog Review Form
Spammed Blog Review Form

While developing and testing our new Anti-Splog plugin on Edublogs we have been making a lot of sploggers very unhappy. A nifty feature of the Anti-Splog plugin is that when you mark a blog as spam instead of that boring white warning screen showing when you visit the splog you get a pretty, branded notification with a review screen.

Anti-Spam-LogoJust in case you accidentally spam a valid blog, the user gets one chance to ask for you the admin to review the blog. It sends an email notification with a link that will take you to Anti-Splog where you can see their latest posts and get an instant preview of the entire blog without having to unspam it.

When we first created this form, the spammers had the audacity to actually spam us more through the review form, so we threw a reCAPTCHA on it which has stopped that. Though what it hasn’t stopped is comments from some angry (and dumb) spammers, with very comical results! We thought you might enjoy a few laughs along with us.

Let’s start with the angry ones:

Save Your Important Documents With (

Its Not a spam its just a educational blog which tells about how to make secure your online data.
what the crap u had done..
i need my blog back

Forex lessons from one trader (

why you consider as spam? I post releases and forex market daily information. Where is spam here? I believe this decision was made in error

Male Enhancements (

mrbloggy's Latest Post
mrbloggy's Latest Post

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This blog is not SPAM!!!! It is my blog where I store the press releases I writer for my clients. Please enable!! or I will have to sue you for lose of earning and data.

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It’s my blog. I have it a long time. And the url I like very much, I will no longer write the best articles, pls give it back!

And my favorite:
Links of london’s world (

You are a spam!

The stupid and just plain pitiful:


this is not a spam, i’m just posting about a weight loss program!


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This article is not spam. I am a journalist who writes about different topics, specific health and body building. Please return my article.

Wholesale Clothing | Clothes | Apparel (

this is not a spam. i’m only promoting my new site, but i’m not spamming.. thank you very much..

Soul music the innovation (

This is not a spam, this is a landing page created for, please enable it so we can make the changes.

Laser Modules Review (

hi, I just want to share some useful information about laser modules with some friends.

Aren’t these the very definition of spam?

welcome to my space (

only some ads link,no spam and no one read my blog

Seo Services (

this is not a spam blog we try to getting traffic on my site with your site. so please permit us to publish more blogs on your site. thanks

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im adavis1102. im here to promote my bussiness oportunity to advertized my product for our friendly user of this site ! my posting product is not spam besides all my product posting here is good and not a spam thank you!

Absolutely priceless! This is in order of receiving from another splogger but with several blogs, all have exactly the same posts on mp4 converters:
Attempt #1 – – give me the reason please!
Attempt #2 – – I’M SORRY.But it’s not my fault.
Attempt #3 – – OH ,dear! what happened?

And the saddest one of all:

blog qiao qiao kan xia (

Ah…I’m a employee, it’s my job. I just do what I want to do like you. In my opinion, every person has his survival to make money ways, my job is send post, i like the job, the post most articles are written by the professionals, maybe in the past, i post some spam post, but i realised it and changed. Blogs opens to people are just let people write. Hope you give me the chance. God bless you.


We hope you had a laugh along with us! Are you ready to make some sploggers mad yourself? You can read about the features of Anti-Splog here, and download the plugin here.