Announcing a New Weekly Series: WordPress People and Pets

Announcing a New Weekly Series: WordPress People and Pets

Meet Walter Gooding - he likes to catch birds, sleep in the sun, and doesn't care if mommy is wearing makeup to work :)

Many of us who work in the world of WordPress have home offices where it might get quite lonely without the company of a few fluffy friends.

Pets are an important part of the work day! That’s why we’re starting a series that you’ll see popping up here where you’ll get to meet the pets behind the people in the WordPress community. Excited?!

I figure I might as well start with myself. At the risk of being forever labeled “that cat lady,” meet the four cats who keep me company all day while I’m writing about WordPress and BuddyPress.

Below is the personality guide I prepared for our cat sitter:

When I’m up late trying to fix a broken WordPress site or push through some plugin updates, I really appreciate my nocturnal pals. They stay off the keyboard for the most part and spend most of the day napping and playing outside when the weather permits.

Want to be featured on WordPress People and Pets?

WordPress people – watch your inbox for an invitation to be featured on the WordPress People and Pets series! We’d like to ask your pet a few questions about you. Please get in touch with us on Twitter @wpmuorg with a picture of your pet, preferably you and your pet, and we’ll take it from there.