Announcing MarketPress: A Robust E-Commerce Plugin Built for WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress

Announcing MarketPress: A Robust E-Commerce Plugin Built for WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress

We’ve been working long and hard on an e-commerce solution for WordPress users that will enable you to build your own online social marketplace. We’re excited to present MarketPress, the easiest-to-use and most full-featured plugin currently available for creating a WordPress-powered store. Use it for a single store or expand your business by opening multiple stores with MarketPress’s seamless WP Multisite and BuddyPress integration.

Tired of trying to hack e-commerce plugins where Multisite and BuddyPress are merely an afterthought? MarketPress is in fact the first plugin built from the ground up to be compatible with WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress. By selecting MarketPress to handle your Multisite store network, you’ll be able to spend your time building your stores instead of hours of hacking for compatibility.

MarketPress Uses WordPress 3.0 Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Most shop plugins out there will crowd your database with loads of extra tables in order to run a store. However, MarketPress uses custom post types and taxonomies to store product information. This WordPress 3.0 efficiency makes MarketPress extremely light weight. It does not create any messy custom tables for each blog. Instead, it harnesses the true power of WordPress to manage content.

MarketPress Features:

  • Seamless WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress Integration
  • Simple Shipping and Gateway plugin APIs
  • Full AJAX shopping cart so customers can add a product and instantly see it appear in their shopping carts
  • Robust themeing support with it’s own set of completely documented template tags
  • Highly customizable widgets to promote your products, including Shopping Cart, Product Tag Cloud, Product Categories, and Product Lists
  • Easy-to-edit transaction emails and store pages through the MarketPress dashboard
  • Customizable product image size with optional lightbox zoom
  • Fine-grained control of pagination on product pages
  • Customers can easily track the status of their orders

MarketPress is The Best Way to Make Money With WP Multisite

Because MarketPress is perfectly Multisite compatible, you can easily create an entire network of stores where each site has its own store. The MarketPress plugin interfaces with our Supporter plugin so that you can even charge users for operating a store.

  • Allow stores for only Pro (supporter) blogs
  • Allow only certain store themes for Pro blogs
  • Allow certain gateways for Pro Blogs
  • Use our advanced Adaptive Payments gateway – Take a predetermined percentage fee of all store sales on your network. Completely automated and invisible to store customers. You can also allow Pro blogs to opt out of this by using a different gateway.

Now you can build a site like Etsy or Shopify, completely powered by WordPress! Simply open the door and let your Multisite netowrk start bringing a profit to you and your users.

View the Live MarketPress Demo site to see the plugin in action!