Anti Spam now rocking out on over 100 domains!

Well, that didn’t take long :)


Anti Splog is now using the WPMU DEV API on over 100 domains!

So that means that WPMU DEV Members are getting the wisdom of over 100 paid up and comitted WPMU members, all helping each other fight splogs.

Of course, in an ideal world stuff like this would be free… but one of the great things about this being a membership based setup is you know that everyone using it has a common interest at heart, and is *highly* unlikely to be paying for the privilege of trying to skew results (we’d catch ’em quickly too if they did :)

So, congrats to Anti Splog on your first 100 domains! It’s already much much harder to be a splogger, and in a few months time it’s going to be another degree more difficult too.