Anti-Splog 2.0 is Out! – New Features, Updated Design, Stronger than Ever

If you run a WordPress Multisite install, then one of your biggest challenges is combating splogs (spam blogs). Luckily, the FREE WPMUDEV Anti-Splog plugin was built to help you do just that. And its recent updates in Version 2.0 should help you do that even more.

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Here’s a look the new features in the latest release:

(Note: The API service is only available with a paid membership.)

  • Refreshed menu structure and admin screens
  • New Pattern Matching functionality to block bots by signup patterns
  • New Are You A Human PlayThru game captcha
  • New blog and splog creation stats screen with pretty graphs
  • Add tags to API call for more accurate classification
  • Add splogging command capability to admin toolbar
  • Fixed various bugs/notices

While much of the power of the Anti-Splog plugin is necessarily behind the scenes, there are a few new additions from the list above that will be visibly noticeable: the refreshed menu structure and admin screens, the new blog stats screen, and the addition of Are You a Human PlayThru game captcha.

Let’s take a look at the stats screen and the new captcha game below.

Stat Screen

The new stats screen lets you clearly see at a glance how many blogs (as well as splogs) have been created on your site. In the graph below, legitimate blogs are in green (labeled ham) while splogs (labeled spam) are represented in red.

Are You a Human PlayThru Captcha

The Are You a Human PlayThru game captcha is another weapon you may choose to use to stop splogs. It’s one of several captcha options offered in the plugin. (Note: As with a number of the better captcha solutions, this is a free service that requires registration. You will then need to enter your assigned API key.)

The Are You a Human captcha works by presenting the visitor with a little animated drag-and-drop game that they must complete. Below are a few examples:

Anti-Splog Overview

Much of the power behind the Anti-Splog plugin comes from the Anti-Splog API service hosted at WPMUDEV Premium. The API service not only prevents/limits bots, it also identifies human-created spam.

In addition to the API service, there are a number of other methods the plugin uses to shut out splogs before they even get started, such as using sophisticated captchas, changing the sign-up page location every 24 hours, and limiting sign-ups per IP per 24 hours.

For a short overview of the plugin, check out the video below.

You can checkout the plugin in more detail and download it on its homepage here.

Want to try Anti-splog, our 100+ premium plugins and our other services absolutely FREE?!FIND OUT MORE