Anti-Splog Is Getting Smarter By the Minute: Do You Have Intelligent Splog Protection?

Anti-Splog Is Getting Smarter By the Minute: Do You Have Intelligent Splog Protection?

Sploggers suck. They either suck real estate and legitimacy from your website with lame sales links or they suck your valuable time as you weed through crap blogs, trying not to throw the baby of legitimate blogs out with the bathwater.

Once sploggers find a network that’s vulnerable they’ll make themselves at home and return daily because it’s familar territory. They will often have a series of networks that they return to in order to earn income. Sploggers take it personally when you spam their splogs because you’re affecting their income. This causes them to be extraordinarily persistent.

Anti-Splog is the ultimate plugin and service to stop and kill splogs.

We’ve had a year to witness the phenomenal success of Anti-Splog in combating destructive splogs. Want some proof? Here’s a visualization, created by the talented Tammie Lister.

Download a print-quality PDF.

Let’s break it down even further: There are over 711,000+ blogs on with hundreds of new blogs being created daily. Every day anti-splog constantly montiors and checks every blog each day for splogging activity.. The average number of blogs automatically marked as spam per day by Anti-Splog is around 450-500. After a manual check of all splogs marked as spam over the past two days, only one legitimate blog was wrongly marked as spam.

This means Anti-Splog is achieving 98.75% accuracy. The API is currently trained with 73,661 spam posts and 29,253 ham (real) posts, and it only keeps getting smarter and more intuitive every day.

The Scope of the Problem

Blogging platforms face two battles with spamming activity:

1. Sploggers – people who create blogs to promote products, services or websites
2. Spam commenters – people who write comments on blogs to promote products, services or websites

Common types of things they promote are the high-end fashion and jewelery brands, pharmaceutical products, diet products, and sexual services.

Both are major issues to blogging platforms and most people aren’t aware of how bad they are until they’ve run their own network and faced the challenges of battling them.

Negative Effects of Spammers and Sploggers

1. They have a high nuisance factor
2. Use valuable resources like disk space and band width
3. Have serious implications to the reputation of your network
4. Cost time and money to constantly battle

Each splogger is capable of creating hundreds of blogs per day and globally there are hundreds of thousands of sploggers. They create splogs because companies pay them to be sploggers. If you don’t have anti-splog protection in place, your resources and reputation are at risk.

Don’t let your network become food for splogs. Get yourself hooked up to the Anti-Splog service today and save yourself loads of time and grief.