Attention Ning Refugees: Check Out the Most Comprehensive Ning to BuddyPress Importer Available

Attention Ning Refugees: Check Out the Most Comprehensive Ning to BuddyPress Importer Available

Ning’s recent announcement to start phasing out its free communities has caused many to rethink their social networking platform, especially educators and local community groups who have enjoyed a social network in a box. Migration may seem like a daunting task, but the benefits of owning your data and operating your community on an open-source platform far exceed the service you settled for previously.

Hosting your own social network is the difference between renting an apartment and owning a home. We have created a plugin that will make your migration process as smooth as butter and are continuing to improve it as more data becomes available. For most communities, you should be able to tackle this in under half an hour. If you have a massive, well-developed Ning community that you’d like to import to BuddyPress, we have the right tool for you. The Ning to BuddyPress Impoter plugin imports not only your Ning network’s users and their custom profile fields but also avatars, so that your users won’t have the inconvenience of assigning their images all over again. This is the most full-featured Ning migration tool currently available and it comes with dedicated, professional support that is second to none.

Closer Look at Ning to BuddyPress Importer Plugin Features:

  • Automatically detects custom profile fields in use on your Ning network
  • Easily customize automatic email notification to your members which includes username, password, login link
  • Automatic population of custom profile fields
  • Select display name or email prefix for the automatically created usernames
  • Batch processing of members import so that your server won’t timeout on you
  • Full support for very large member lists via optional FTP upload
  • Complete and detailed installation instructions with dedicated support staff available for questions / troubleshooting
  • Professionally supported development with timely upgrades – you’ll never be left in the lurch
  • Check out this power of this plugin in the screenshot of a sample profile import:

    How Difficult is it to Set Up BuddyPress?

    Installation is so unbelievably simple. There are many people asking how long it takes to get WordPress and BuddyPress installed. If your host has a one-click WordPress install, then you can have WordPress + BuddyPress installed and import your users in under 5 minutes. Think I’m joking? Give it a try. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create and operate your own social netowrk on the domain of your choice. We have lots of tutorials for installing WordPress and BuddyPress yourself.

    Where Is a Good Place to Host My BuddyPress Network?

    Not sure how to select hosting? Want your community installed professionally? Get the fastest, best, most affordable setup at WP.MU. Plugins, themes,hosting, and installation all done for you so that your community can be customized and off the ground in minutes.

    Why Should Educators Choose BuddyPress?

    Once you get your BuddyPress site up and your Ning users imported, you have all the resources of the WordPress community at your fingertips. Plugins are available for all kinds of niche communities, including using the platform as a learning management system, or project and task management tool. It’s easy to include a group wiki for collaboration and learning.
    If you are an educator who wants to be on the cutting edge of open source instructional technology, then BuddyPress is the option for you. It’s a social network with a fully-integrated content management system that is being extended every day. The options are endless and your community will not be lacking any comparable Ning features. Have questions about what’s possible with BuddyPress and what kinds of sites it can support? We’re available here or on Twitter (@wpmuorg) and we’re happy to answer your questions.