Want to automatically post content from multiple different RSS feeds to blogs of your choice on your WordPress MU install?

Well, in that case, we think you’re going to like the Autoblog plugin!

You’ve probably struggled with alternatives like FeedWordPress, WP-o-Matic, Yaab autoblogger or even autoblogged… I know we have… over many years at that, but this is gonna change that, and in a big, supported, evolving way, because Autoblog just plain works.

There’ s no coding necessary, no complicated instructions and no worries!

All you need to do is to download the plugin and then drop autoblog.php and /autoblogincludes/ into /mu-plugins/ and you’ll be provided with as simple site admin menu called, you guessed it ‘Auto Blog’ :)

Now, copy and paste in your feed URL, give it a name of your choosing (for admin purposes) and select a blog that you want it to post to.

Of course, you can also use our Blog and User Creator or Batch blog and user creator to create hundreds, or even thousands of blogs, in a matter of minutes too!

So, this plugin (plus our blog and user creation ones) essentially allows you to create a WordPress MU site, with thousands of blogs that are automatically published to by RSS feeds, within a few hours…. with no code knowledge required!

And we heard you wanted options… well, we’ve got them for you too! Autoblog allows you to:

  • Choose if you want new posts to be published straight away, pending review or as drafts
  • Select any author from your WPMU install
  • Assign posts to categories and / or apply tags to them and / or import post tags with the post
  • Filter posts that are included or excluded based on keywords or phrases
  • Use excerpts (number of words configurable) or whole posts and choose what link (if any) you want to give to the original source
  • Select how often you want Autoblog to check for posts

Check out all the options in glorious technicolour below:

We’re also happy to add in new features on request – so just ask us in the forums and odds are we’ll put it in for you.

And we should point out at the end that while there’s potential for misuse of this as a spam or splog tool, where people could automatically republish content without the authors permission, there’s a huge amount of legitimate uses that this plugin can and will be put to, we know because we’ve been frequently asked for this functionality from entirely legitimate WPMU DEV Premium members, which is why we developed it.

Download WPMU Autoblog