Automatically Aggregate & Publish RSS Feeds Into WordPress & Multisite

Automatically Aggregate & Publish RSS Feeds Into WordPress & Multisite

How is it possible to have fresh RSS content automatically published from many different sources to your various WordPress or WordPress Multisite sites… for free?

Autoblog is currently the best free WordPress plugin available for creating a robust network of syndicated content across multiple blogs or sites.

This plugin allows you to set up your own syndication hub without having to mess with cron jobs or PHP code. It is similar to what you’d expect with FeedWordPress and WP-o-Matic, except that it includes tons of custom options and is much more easily configured so that you can be publishing greater volumes of content in just a few minutes.

Benefits of Using the Free WordPress Autoblog RSS Plugin:

  • Easily syndicate content across platforms
  • Create a searchable archive of content focused on one topic
  • Boost SEO with more inbound and outbound links to your fresh content
  • Vastly expand your site’s relevance and authority by adding content in just a few clicks

This is the easiest way to propagate your content or others’ across multiple platforms. Let’s say you have a corporate blog you want to post to your WordPress Multisite site under a subdirectory of /work. This plugin makes it easy for you to do that, even if the blog you’re pulling from isn’t using WordPress.

Or perhaps you’re running a network of Multisite sites as a news media aggregator and you want to pull in the latest local crime stories to a /crime subdirectory and the latest financial news to /finance. You’ll have no problem with Autoblog. You can add as many feeds as you want.

Other examples might include creating a searchable archive of all of your tweets on Twitter. That way you never lose that information and you can hunt through it using the WordPress search functionality. You’re able to import tags from other feeds and even assign categories to each of the incoming posts.

Effortless Blogging With Autoblog

Autoblog grabs the RSS feeds and uses WordPress to post items from the feeds as posts in your blogs. Simply add a new feed and assign it to one of your existing WordPress (including Multisite) blogs.

From there you will have a host of other handy options that you can configure to customize the presentation of your feeds:

Features and Options for Autoblog:

  • Choose if you want new posts to be published straight away, pending review or as drafts
  • Select any author from your WordPress Multisite install
  • Assign posts to categories and/or apply tags to them and/or import post tags with the post
  • Filter posts that are included or excluded based on keywords or phrases
  • Use excerpts (number of words configurable) or whole posts and choose what link (if any) you want to give to the original source
  • Select how often you want Autoblog to check for posts

In short, this plugin (plus our blog and user creation plugins) essentially allows you to create a WordPress Multisite with thousands of blogs that are automatically published to by RSS feeds, within just a few hours….with no coding knowledge required!

Save time and start pulling in relevant content on a daily basis with Autoblog. Set it up on your WordPress Multisite site and you’ve got a well-oiled machine to crank out new updates from your blogs on a daily basis with no effort.