Automatically Publish Content from WordPress to Facebook with SharePress

Automatically Publish Content from WordPress to Facebook with SharePress

It’s probably safe to say that Facebook gets more traffic than your blog. Of course, it’s not your blog’s fault. Even the best content, sweetest design and most vibrant blog community can’t compete with the over 500 million users that log onto Facebook across the globe.

But it’s not a competition; you can use Facebook’s massive popularity to help increase your own blog’s readership with the latest verion of Sharepress.

Sharepress is a great efficiency tool for individuals and companies that want to take advantage of Facebook’s audience for marketing and promotion but don’t want to spend extra time posting and reposting the same content across multiple websites.

You need to be focused on cranking out more quality content for your blog, not endlessly signing in an out of Facebook, parrying its many conversational, entertainment and snoop-worthy time snatchers.

What does SharePress do?

SharePress does only one thing: It posts your content on your Facebook Wall without you having to log in and copy and paste. In their own words:

Sharepress is a WordPress plugin that publishes your content to your Facebook audience, then efficiently monitors likes and comments, helping you measure your success and identify the most passionate voices in your tribe.

When installing the plugin, you’ll have to set up a Facebook app for your site, but it will guide you through the process. After that is set up, you’ll be able to automatically send content from WordPress to Facebook as it posts.

Once you’ve set it, you can truly forget it. Sharepress will continually update your Facebook wall with each new post you commit to your website.

You can also register to stay up to date on the upcoming Sharepress Pro that boasts even more features, including the ability to share posts on any Facebook page, share simultaneously on multiple pages, edit content on a post-by-post basis and easily track your comments and likes.

Take a few minutes now and save yourself tons of time in the long run. Give Sharepress a try and up your efficieny today!