Back up Twitter with WordPress in Minutes Using Ozh Tweet Archiver

Back up Twitter with WordPress in Minutes Using Ozh Tweet Archiver

Recently released a free WordPress theme that allows you to easily archive all of your tweets in a searchable format. The process of setting up your automatic archival system involves following a step-by-step tutorial: How To Create a Searchable Tweet Archive with WordPress. Up until now this was the fastest way for WordPress users to get a searchable archive of tweets.

Now you can bypass that lengthy process and set up an archive in minutes with the Ozh Tweet Archiver plugin. It’s the newest Twitter-related plugin to hit the WordPress repository and it handles the entire archive process for you. Check out a live demo of Ozh’ Tweets to see it in action.

Why Archive Your Tweets?

  • Twitter only keeps 3200 tweets of your history
  • Archives are searchable so you can easily find any tweet you’re looking for
  • Quickly navigate to tweets from any particular year or month
  • Your archive can be used in combination with other WordPress plugins and widgets to reveal trends in your Twitter activity

How to Get a Tweet Archive with WordPress in Minutes

Install a fresh new WordPress site. You can put it on its own domain, in a subdirectory of your current blog, or on a subdomain. Then install and activate the Ozh Tweet Archiver plugin. Add your Twitter username on the plugin’s settings page in the dashboard.

The really handy thing about the Ozh Tweet Archiver is that you’ll be able to set the post category, post author, link @usernames, link #hashtags and assign the #hastags to be post tags for the archives. All of these options greatly increase the searchability and organization of your tweets.

The archiving will be automatic after you set it up, so you can sit back and be secure in the knowledge that WordPress is continually updating your archive. Check out Ozh’s detailed FAQ section for more information about the plugin and some inspiration for theming your archive.