Batch Create Plugin Gets Some Amazing Improvements

Batch Create Plugin Gets Some Amazing Improvements

Our Batch Create plugin is a true gem and a massive time-saver. It allows you to create hundreds or thousands of sites and users automatically by simply uploading a csv text file or xls file. This plugin is an absolute must for migrating a large community. If you don’t have it, you will more than likely be spending hours creating each user and/or site individually.

The latest release of the Batch Create plugin is packed full of helpful updates that will dramatically improve your experience with the plugin:

  • Batch create plugin now includes a xls template file that Super admin users can download and follow the instructions in the header row to create the batch file
  • It checks the .xls file when uploaded and if the same email address has been it’ll display a message telling you there is a a problem and which users you need to check – so you can fix it
  • It checks if a Super admin user has included spaces, full stops and & in the site URL – automatically removes them so they won’t cause problems e.g. sue.waters would become suewaters
  • Generates a log of sites and users created which you can down load and check on your computer.
  • Includes simple instructions on how to use

Simply fill in the template file and upload it to your WordPress site to create hundreds of users in a matter of seconds:

Our developers took a great deal of inspiration from our users to create the inbuilt checks with simplified instructions. These improvements should reduce many of the common issues that some have experienced when creating a large number of users all at once.

You can find detailed instructions for how to prepare your import file under the installation instructions for Batch Create.

We hope you enjoy all of the new updates. Download the latest version of Batch Create to test it out today.