bbPress Forums Will Be Removed From BuddyPress Download Packgage

Big news in the BuddyPress world is that bbPress will no longer be packaged with the BuddyPress download in the future. Since bbPress is currently being developed into a plugin for WordPress, BuddyPress plans to keep itself lean by removing forums from future downloads and allowing users to utilize the bbPress plugin. John James Jacoby is part of the bbPress development team and he’s making sure that the plugin will be fully integrated for use with BuddyPress:

The end result will be two plugins working harmoniously together, to easily enable setups where bbPress forums can be created for any other kind of object, component, or plugin. This is particularly awesome for BuddyPress developers because it will allow them to internally extend bbPress to fit the specific needs of their own custom BuddyPress components as they see fit.

bbPress 1.2 (the plugin) is said to be stable enough to start testing as soon as September 15 and the full release will most likely coincide with that of BuddyPress 1.3.