bbPress sitemaps

bbPress sitemaps

We were looking for a nice bbPress sitemaps plugin to run on the WPMU DEV forums – but couldn’t find one that worked or was supported – so we made one and now you can have it too :)

Introducing the bbPress sitemaps plugin.

This plugin helps to leverage the content production qualities of bbPress and bring a little SEO to the mix.

Essentially it’ll create a sitemap of your bbpress install – which will help Google idex all that great content that the members oof your site are producing… all the better for search engine results!

Simply upload the plugin into /my-plugins/ and add sitemap.xml to your root bbPress directory (CHMOD 755 it – if you need help with this please just drop by the forums and we’ll assist) and your sitemap will be automatically generated with each new post and submitted to Google.

And we eat our own dogfood around here too – check out the plugin in action in the WPMU DEV Forums sitemap – a 100% valid sitemap.

You can download the bbPress sitemaps plugin here.