Beautiful Intuitive Post Formats Interface to Revolutionize WordPress Core?

Beautiful Intuitive Post Formats Interface to Revolutionize WordPress Core?

Alex King and his team at Crowd Favorite have created and released a beautiful new interface for post formats. WP Post Formats brings this powerful feature to the common man with an intuitive, tabbed interface.

Here’s an example of the Quote post format with all of the relevant custom fields automatically included:

Check out the Gallery post format:

Wow! Isn’t that how you always wished for post formats to look in the dashboard? This is probably one of the most exciting developments I’ve seen in the WordPress community this week. Alex King tells why the team decided to create this UI for Post Formats:

While it is a great framework feature, it only really exists as something developers leverage to extend WordPress. There is no UI that ships with the feature, which limits its accessibility to users.

Want to get your hands on this beautiful UI?

WP Post Formats is available on Github for free for anyone who wants to integrate it with their theme. Github offers a much more productive environment for collaboration than the WordPress repository. Watch the project on Github to monitor how it develops.

Can we please include this in the core of WordPress?

Many have expressed interest in having this added to the WordPress core to simplify and standardize post formats, as well as bring them to the front for the common user. There are a few challenges and hurdles that stand in the way, but the Crowd Favorite team is looking at some possible solutions.

Including this post formats UI in the core would be a dream come true for WordPress users and theme developers alike. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this makes it into the WordPress core!

Grab WP Post Formats from Github, play around with it and let us know what you think!