Beautify Your WordPress Admin Area Using These Free Plugins

Beautify Your WordPress Admin Area Using These Free Plugins

When WordPress 3.8 was released a while back, the old gray admin interface was tossed out in favor of a fresh, flat and dark design.

While the new design offered a much-needed and overdue update, the eight admin area color schemes aren’t for everyone.

Luckily, the WordPress community has come up with a bunch of solution. For today’s Weekend WordPress Project, I’ve put together a colorful – and sometimes not so colorful! – collection of admin plugins to beautify your WordPress admin area.

  • Grey Admin Color Schemes

    Grey Admin Color Schemes adds four new all-grey color schemes – A Touch of Blue, Classic Grey, Modern Grey and Post Modern Grey.

  • Quick admin color scheme picker

    Quick Admin Color Scheme Picker allows you to quickly switch between color schemes from the “Howdy” menu.

  • Easy Admin Color Schemes

    Easy Admin Color Schemes lets you customize the admin area’s colors. The plugin comes with five preset color schemes and the ability to create new ones. You can even preview schemes before saving and activating them.

  • Default Admin Color Scheme

    Default Admin Color Scheme allows you to choose a default color scheme for all users. A color picker is added to Settings > General, and you can also disable the color scheme picker on the Users > Profiles page.

  • Admin Color Schemes

    Add eight new palettes to your admin area with Admin Color Schemes, including Lawn (a dark color scheme with green highlights) and 80’s Kid (think bright pink and orange).

  • BAW Better Admin Color Themes

    BAW Better Admin Color Themes adds four color schemes and displays them with rounded corners. There are also five icon sets included in this plugin, though they look fairly outdated compared to the icons introduced with WordPress 3.8.

  • Color Schemes Roulette

    Color Schemes Roulette randomly changed the admin color schemes each time you publish a post.

  • WP Admin Classic Colors

    WP Admin Classic Colors adds a new color scheme that is similar in color to earlier versions of WordPress, but offers a new, flat view. The color scheme also display menu separators between listed menu items in the admin sidebar

  • Admin Bar Color

    While the WordPress backend got a much-needed visual makeover in WP 3.8, the toolbar that is always displayed on the front end was neglected. Admin Bar Color allows you to change the color of the toolbar on the frontend.

  • Admin Color Schemer

    Admin Color Schemer lets you create your own admin color scheme, allowing you to update the base, icon, highlight and notification colors. Advanced options are also available.

  • WP-Admin Classic

    Take your WordPress install back to pre-WP 3.8 days. WP-Admin Classic disables the admin color schemes introduced in WP 3.8 and re-enables the classic grey look associated with older versions of WordPress.

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