Struggling To Find A Beginner’s Guide To WordPress? We May Have Your Answer

Struggling To Find A Beginner’s Guide To WordPress? We May Have Your Answer

wpLifeGuardThere are two camps of people who need beginner’s tutorials for WordPress:

  1. WordPress beginners (duh)
  2. Web designers

For beginners, WordPress can be rather overwhelming. There is a lot of functionality to hand. I think we can all admit to certain everyday features that took us quite a while to learn (simply by virtue of the fact that we didn’t notice them).

And for designers, there is nothing worse than having to hold a client’s hand through WordPress’ basic functions. It can be a real time-drain, not to mention a cost to business that should be unnecessary.

So the market is crying out for easy-to-follow beginner’s tutorials, and the Codex doesn’t quite cut it in terms of ease of use and accessibility.

Enter wpLifeGuard

The best way to demonstrate what wpLifeGuard has to offer is to give you an example:

wpLifeGuard currently has 38 videos just like the one above, covering various topics – from creating new posts, to changing themes, to widgets. More videos are being added on a regular basis.

How Much Does it Cost?

At present, 11 of the 38 videos are available free of charge. If you want access to the full library, you must pay a one-off fee of $29. If you are a beginner, that fee may be a price worth paying for getting a solid grasp of the basics. If you are a web designer, that fee might be a price worth paying so that you don’t have to hold your clients’ hands anymore!

For those who will be recommending the tutorials, there is an affiliate program available, which pays a 30% commission on each sale. There also is a code snippet available that places the free videos with the WordPress dashboard, with a link to the full package included.

Is it Worth it?

There is of course no shortage of WordPress tutorials available free of charge, and the Codex is certainly the most exhaustive resource out there. But I think that wpLifeGuard’s selling point is its presentation and digestibility.

If you are looking to get a basic understanding of WordPress and will happily pay $29 for the privilege, wpLifeGuard is a good option. For those who would rather not pay, the free videos are a good introduction, and everything else can be found on the internet with a little bit of digging.

In other words, most “normal” WordPress beginners will not purchase the full offering of tutorials. But web designers may find it very useful to offer to clients – either as part of their design package, or as a separate deal.