The Best 100 Free WordPress Themes Ever

The WordPress Themes Directory is a truly fantastic resource, offering thousands of themes for download at no cost.

However, the sheer volume of themes contributes to the repository’s less user-friendly side. Of those thousands of themes, many will not be up to the standard you require. And with somewhat limited search and filtering tools, it can be extremely difficult to find the right theme for your WordPress website.

Fortunately, that’s where this resource come in. We’ve taken the time (a long time!) to trawl through the directory and carefully selected what we consider to be the best 100 free WordPress themes available. So rather than settling in for the long haul on, take a few minutes out of your day to peruse the 100 best free themes you’ll find right here.

Of course, this list is completely subjective. If you’ve come across a theme that hasn’t been included, do let us know in the comments.

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  • Enlightenment

    enlightenment wordpress theme

    If clarity is what you seek then Enlightenment will make sure your message is clear, no matter what device it’s viewed upon.


    • Built with Bootstrap
    • Responsive, mobile-first design
    • Drag-and-drop content builder
    • Complete theme customization
  • Fashionista

    Fashionista is perfect for fashion forward bloggers, or people who need their content to be front and center.


    • Fully responsive
    • Five custom widget areas
    • Use Google Fonts
    • Flickr Integration
  • AccessPress Parallax

    AccessPress Parallax allows your creative agency to tell its story in style through the effective and enticing parallax scrolling feature.


    • Responsive design
    • Perfect for creative agencies
    • Parallax style scrolling
    • Ability to incorporate 3D effects

    Interested in AccessPress Parallax?

  • SKT Full Width

    If you need to showcase your photos, or portfolio in an efficient, yet understated manner, then you should give SKT Full Width Pro a go.


    • 50+ social media icons readily integrated
    • Completely widgetized footer
    • Gallery and photo album friendly
  • Hemingway

    Hemingway allows personal bloggers to showcase their best content in a minimalist manner, with just enough power to make your message felt.


    • Sharp typography and crisp images
    • Supports multiple post formats
    • Custom header image
    • Multiple color schemes
  • Zerif Lite

    Showcase the most important elements of your small business with Zerif. Don’t sell yourself, let this theme do it for you.


    • 3D slide in effects
    • Parallax style scrolling
    • Flat, with minimalist styling
    • Built on Bootstrap.
  • Sampression Lite

    Sampression Lite offers a unique masonry-style layout, which allows you to present your content in a very fun and friendly format.


    • Retina ready
    • Displays beautifully across all devices
    • Masonry style layout
    • Warm and inviting color scheme
  • Accelerate

    Accelerate is a highly functional and very flexible theme. It’s clean lines, images support and swift slider allow you to highlight the most important aspects of your business.


    • Has a premium look
    • Integrated slider
    • Multipurpose and very flexible
    • Clean quote styling on pages and posts
  • Hathor

    Hathor is the perfect theme for small business owners looking to represent their company in a cool and creative manner.


    • Customize in minutes
    • Multiple page layouts
    • Adaptable to different business types
    • Ability to upload logo
  • Interface

    Simple, clean, responsive and retina ready. if your company demands a crisp and elegant design to showcase your best work then look no further than Interface.


    • Retina ready
    • Supports multiple layouts
    • Highly customizable
    • Supports most popular WordPress plugins
  • Iconic One

    If B2B business blogging is a core aspect of your business, then let Iconic One take your publishing efforts to the next level.


    • Easy theme setup
    • Beautiful fonts
    • Engineered for fast loading
    • Upload your own logo
  • Enigma

    You can tell Enigma has been built with a lot of love. A great choice for any small business or creative agency.


    • 4 page layouts
    • Perfect for creative agencies
    • Streamlined full-width slider
    • Multiple color skins
  • MH Magazine Lite

    Magazine Lite allows you to create your dream magazine in minutes. Let this theme help take your online magazine from a dream to reality.


    • Over 12 widget locations
    • Flexslider 2 support
    • Integrated ad placement
  • Decode

    Decode places an emphasis on reader experience. If you want to place the focus on your reader and minimize distractions, then it’s time to give Decode a go.


    • Mobile first design
    • Elegant sidebar placement
    • Easy social integration
    • Multiple color options
  • Isis

    Isis allows you to put the focus back onto the work you do. With it’s clean, simple lines and basic design principles you can put your message front and center.


    • Displays beautifully on all devices
    • Retina ready
    • Multiple language support
    • Easily customizable
  • Sparkling

    Sparkling allows you to use the power of flat design to convey your message in a stylish manner, all while elegantly displaying your content.


    • Built using Bootstrap 3
    • Integrated full-screen slider
    • Very flexible layout
    • Multiple color options
  • Travelify

    If you have a travel agency, or travel related company that’s looking for a better way to showcase your work and connect with visitors, then Travelify might be for you.


    • Easy to customize
    • Custom logo
    • Integrates with popular WordPress plugins
    • Available in multiple languages
  • MesoColumn

    If your business relies on your ability to publish and highlight a stream of high-quality content, then MesoColumn might just take your efforts to new heights.


    • Unlimited menu color choice
    • Google Webfont selection
    • Supports multiple high-quality WordPress plugins
    • Friendly ad integration
  • Radiate

    Radiate blends a brilliant parallax header with streamlined content presentation to truly showcase the beauty and work of your creative agency.


    • Parallax header
    • Retina ready
    • Multiple language availability
    • Integrates custom background
  • Virtue

    Virtue is a clean, modern, and image-centric theme that will help to illuminate a photo-heavy websites. Perfect for photographers and other creative professionals.


    • Unlimited fonts
    • Powerful and functional sliders
    • Multilingual ready
  • Spacious

    Like the name suggests, Spacious is an absolutely beautiful theme that is made with care. Extend this feeling to your customers by utilizing this one-of-a-kind theme.


    • Super fast loading
    • Multiple color options
    • Beautiful slider
  • Point

    Point is a multipurpose WordPress theme that works best for companies with the need to display and organize high quantities of content.


    • Multiple site layouts
    • Flexible background choice
    • Ad management integration
    • Trending stories option
  • Hueman

    Hueman is perfect for online magazines, or bloggers with a lot of content. Let this theme help highlight your best content in a modern fashion.


    • Unique toggle sidebars
    • Unlimited widget areas
    • 10 different post formats
    • Unlimited accent color selection
  • Quark

    Quark is a great building block for creating a number of beautiful, custom themes. If you require an easy-to-change framework then Quark might be worth trying out


    • Easy to learn and modify
    • Built on a twelve-column grid
    • Multiple content templates
    • Retina friendly
  • Baskerville

    Finally a way to showcase your incredible amount of content without overwhelming your visitors. If content is your bread and butter, Baskerville might be the theme for you.


    • Full-width header
    • Four content templates
    • Multiple media formats
  • Moesia

    Moesia is the perfect business theme for building a strong internet presence. Easily highlight your services and what sets your company apart.


    • Parallax background image
    • Google font selection
    • Home page animations
    • Home page content blocks
  • Spasalon

    This pixel-perfect design will transform your old website into a beautifully inspiring site. Spasalon was designed specifically for beauty and health providers.


    • Online shop integration
    • Easy to customize
    • Beautiful home slider
  • Highwind

    If content and the online reading environment really matter to you, then Highland is at least worth a test-drive. Pastel colors and elegant fonts make this theme come alive.


    • Lightweight and fast loading
    • Beautiful typography
    • Widget areas for customization
  • Tracks

    Tracks doesn’t look like any other theme on the market, and this is a good thing. Its unique post display style showcases your content in a way that makes you want to dive in.


    • Social media icon integration
    • Personal logo uploader
    • Multiple layouts
    • Bold typography
  • Storefront

    Storefront really makes selling easy. If you’ve got something to sell and want to do it in the most minimalist way possible, then Storefront is a worthy choice.


    • Woocommerce integration
    • Several layout and color options
    • Multiple widget areas
  • Circumference Lite

    Circumference Lite is the perfect theme for small business owners who want you to feel at home. If your service demands that extra bit of personal touch, try Circumference Lite.


    • Full-width or boxed layout
    • Unlimited color selection
    • Font-based icons
    • Child-theme included

    Interested in Circumference Lite?

  • Radcliffe

    For bloggers who want to let their words do the talking. Radcliffe seamlessly blends full-width images and bold typography to bring you an enjoyable reading experience.


    • Full-width header images
    • Retina ready
    • Custom logo support
    • Custom accent color
  • Wilson

    Clean, modern design for the minimalist writer in all of us. Wilson finds a way to showcase your multiple styles of content in a friendly, yet modern way.


    • Retina ready
    • Custom logo support
    • Custom widget sections
    • Multiple post options
  • BoldR Lite

    BoldR Lite wants to make a bold impact with its modern design by focusing on the online magazine market. If you need to make a statement, let BoldR Lite do it for you.


    • Custom logo upload
    • Custom background
    • Home Features image area
    • Translation ready
  • Business One

    Business One is elegant, clean and is perfect for creative companies or corporations looking to show off their younger side. Time to bring out your professional and confident side.


    • Unique portfolio area
    • Awesome icon fonts
    • Google Maps integration
    • Mobile touch friendly slider
  • Adventurous

    Adventurous is very flexible and geared towards those looking to show off their wild side in business. This box-shaped theme is perfect for photographers, bloggers and businesses alike.


    • Full-width theme
    • Highly customizable
    • Full-width slider
    • Featured content section
  • Ignite

    Ignite is beautifully responsive and is perfect for personal bloggers with a little more class. This theme will make you site look incredible — no matter the screen size.


    • Custom background colors
    • Social media icons
    • Custom logo tools
  • Ryu

    A zen-like theme for personal bloggers. If your words and images require space and breathing room, then Ryu will be able to give this to you.


    • Large font-sizes
    • Beautiful image display
    • Background color matching
    • Social media icons
  • Garfunkel

    If you can’t get enough of Pinterest’s design scheme, then give Garfunkel a go. Garfunkel beautifully displays your content within a relaxed reading environment.


    • Masonry layout
    • Retina ready design
    • Six post formats
    • Jetpack Infinite Scroll support
  • Discover

    Discover allows you to showcase what’s best about your business and hide the rest. If your message is clear and to the point, then you need this theme, so no clarity is lost.


    • Multi-level dropdown menus
    • Orange and white color scheme
    • Home call to action box
  • The Box

    Sleek, minimal and modern. The Box supports any personal blogger or creative agency, with its clean lines and beautifully integrated slider.


    • Post thumbnail support
    • Multiple post formats
    • Custom header
    • Custom background
  • Unite

    Your wedding deserves website deserves to be just as memorable as the day itself. Unite brings the best it’s best so you can focus on what matters.


    • Bootstrap 3 framework
    • Jetpack Infinite Scroll support
    • Fancy image slider
    • Has eCommerce potential
  • Pictorico

    If you see the world through pictures and need a theme that can keep up, Pictorico might be right for you. Both professional photographers and hobbyists can benefit.


    • Grid-based
    • Large Features images
    • Post slider integration
  • Sauron

    Right out of the box Sauron is the perfect solution for business-minded bloggers and corporations looking for a parallax theme to further their message.


    • Interactive parallax design
    • Social media integration
    • Beautiful testimonial integration
  • Hiero

    A modern and fun magazine style feel. Hiero is perfect for bloggers who have the need to showcase their contention a bold manner, yet still want to maintain that classic blog feel.


    • Post thumbnail support
    • Threaded comments
    • Bold color choices
  • Heavenly

    Heavenly is a corporate style business theme that allows you to showcase the multitude of avenues your work takes without overwhelming your visitors.


    • Unlimited color schemes
    • Built using Twitter Bootstrap
    • 3 Page Templates
    • Custom homepage
  • Rambo

    Rambo is a simple, efficient and for the  business-minded. It allows you to showcase the best of what your business has to offer.


    • Home page slider
    • Corporate color selection
    • Built-in optin box
    • Easy to customize
  • Superhero

    Give your personal blog a boost with Superhero. With it’s bright color accents and unique full-width slider Superhero elevates itself to the top.


    • Full-bleed posts and images
    • Fixed header
    • Subtle CSS3 transitions
  • THBusiness

    A business theme with elegance. THBusiness sets itself from other business-minded themes with it’s attention to design detail.


    • Full-width slider
    • Easy to customize
    • Created in Twitter Bootstrap
    • Drag-and-drop home page
  • Discovery

    Discovery is flexible and can be used for a multitude of website creations. From sailing schools, to corporate environments, Discovery has your back.


    • Focused on simple customization
    • Full-width slider
    • Multiple page templates
    • Multilingual support
  • Snaps

    If your portfolio demands respect, then let Snaps demand it for you. Showcase your work in an organized fashion that works for you and your clients.


    • Full-width header
    • Social media menu integration
    • Multiple page types
  • Weblizar Lite

    Weblizer Lite is very flexible and can be adapted to many markets, as long as you demand simplicity, and the ability to customize every aspect of your site.


    • Full-width slider
    • Google fonts integration
    • Bootstrap framework
    • Social icon selection
  • Esteem

    Esteem is a multipurpose, boxed layout theme that extends itself nicely to multiple industries. The perfect blend of modern style and effective design.


    • 3 blog post templates
    • Custom logo support
    • Brilliant slider
    • 5 home page widget sections
  • MyWiki

    MyWiki is the perfect theme option if you’re actually running a wiki. Most wikis look old and outdated, but MyWiki brings a fresh perspective to the field.


    • Lightweight, loads fast
    • Perfect for company FAQs
    • Based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Isola

    Isola brings a fresh take on minimalist design. Showcase your best writing, photos, or videos in a bold, yet simplistic manner.


    • Hidden navigation
    • Beautiful fonts
    • Unique page layout
  • Syntax

    Syntax was designed with writers and readers in mind. It’s very simplistic and places the focus on your words above all else.


    • Fixed navigation menu
    • Easy-to-read typography
    • Sophisticated style
  • Hoffman

    Hoffman is a beautifully stylish, minimal and geared towards personal bloggers. If you demand a clean slate to blog and showcase your message then try this out.


    • Retina ready design
    • Multiple post formats
    • Social links integration
    • Custom accents and background
  • First

    First is great for personal bloggers, especially if you’re just starting out. It features common paid options and it’s simplicity makes the design timeless.


    • Custom headers and backgrounds
    • Great for beginners
    • 4 widget areas
    • 3 different menu locations
  • Health Centre Lite

    Health Centre Lite is perfect for hospitals and other healthcare companies. Showcase what really matters to your patients.


    • Full-width slider
    • Perfect for hospitals
    • Built in FAQ section

    Interested in Health Centre Lite?

  • Catch Flames

    Catch Flames is a spacious theme that allows you to highlight all of your content in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm your visitor.


    • Compatible with popular plugins
    • Full-width header
    • Sliding navigation
    • Highly flexible
  • Quality

    Quality allows you to create a corporate or business website that still retains a bit of style. Its full-width header brings your site to life.


    • Full-width header
    • Perfect for corporate creatives
    • 2 page templates
    • Portfolio page
  • Rams

    Rams is a minimalist theme with zero fluff. Convey your message with the utmost clarity by using this theme for personal bloggers.


    • Retina ready
    • Multiple post formats
    • Custom accent colors
    • Perfect for personal bloggers
  • Start Point

    Start Point forces you to get to the heart of your business with it’s fluid one-page design, and its elegant header draws you in.


    • One-page design
    • Parallax effect
    • Perfect for small businesses
    • Easy to customize
  • Invert Lite

    Clean and very flexible, Invert Lite allows you to have a beautiful business website in a matter of minutes.


    • Parallax section
    • 3 custom page templates
    • Bundled call-to-action
    • Featured text section
  • Influence

    Influence gives you the ability to connect and share your work with those who matter. The huge interactive slider will grab your visitors the moment they land on your page.


    • Perfect for non-profits/charities
    • Home page slider
    • Integrates with Page Builder plugin
  • Geekery

    Let your inner geek shine with Geekery. A great choice for media driven companies, online magazines and news websites.


    • Flat design
    • 10 different color schemes
    • Perfect for video game blogs
  • FlatOn

    FlatOn continues the flat design trend and brings us an elegant business theme featuring several interactive media elements to highlight your work.


    • Bootstrap Grid system
    • Flex slider option
    • Lightweight and fast loading speeds
    • Mobile responsive navigation
  • NewsFrame

    Deliver a steady stream of news to your readers in an easy to digest format. NewsFrame allows you to display and organize your content-heavy news site.


    • Built with Foundation 5
    • Perfect for content-heavy news websites
    • Infinite scroll
    • Article subtitles
  • Bota

    Both will help you showcase what matters about your business in a clear and easy way. Reach your customers in new ways with this simple theme.


    • Full-width slider
    • Perfect theme for small businesses
    • Featured content areas
    • Social link integration
  • Unconditional

    Unconditional is fluid, flexible and great for professional bloggers and creative companies alike. Convey your message with it’s elegant full-width slider.


    • Flexible slider
    • Bootstrap powered
    • Perfect for creative agencies
    • Mobile first design
  • Tonal

    Tonal is a theme that makes bold ideas even bolder. It has crisp and has minimal design features, so your content can truly shine.


    • Large featured images
    • Full-width videos
    • Multiple post formats
    • Changing background color
  • Sketch

    Sketch is a portfolio theme for artists and creatives. Highlight your best work in a manner that your clients will love.


    • Perfect for solo creatives
    • Elegant portfolio format
    • Sleek menu bar
  • Convac Lite

    Showcase your best self with Convac Lite. Make people take note of your personal brand, while putting your best foot forward with appealing imagery.


    • Full-screen landing page
    • Perfect for personal branding
    • Clean and elegant
    • Photo focused
  • CWP YouIT

    CWP YouIT provides gaming review and IT websites with a modern look to creatively display their content and engage readers.


    • Ranking widget
    • Perfect for gaming-related websites
    • Multiple post formats
  • Metro CreativeX

    When you need to be modern and make a statement. Metro X is for bloggers and media companies who are looking for a little more edge.


    • Perfect for media companies and bloggers
    • Striking black background
    • Pinterest-style display
    • Multiple content formats
  • Book Lite

    With Book Lite words and stories are all that matters. Entertain your audience with dazzling stories and clean, minimal design features.


    • Perfect for writers and storytellers
    • Focus on content
    • Large fonts, easy to read
    • Full-width header image
  • Bushwick

    Bushwick beautifully bundles content and imagery to give your words style and entice your readers with a new reading experience.


    • Great for personal bloggers
    • Fluid layout
    • Lightweight, fast loading
    • Beautiful typography
  • Casper

    Casper is simple, yet beautiful and allows you to communicate without any clutter getting in the way. Designed from the Ghost blogging platform.


    • Great for personal bloggers
    • Fast loading times
    • Beautiful image integration
    • Minimalist design
  • Foodeez Lite

    Foodeez Lite is elegant, classy and allows you to highlight your restaurant or hotel in style. Stun you visitors with dazzling images.


    • Floating navigation
    • Interactive full-width slider
    • Parallax Style
    • Perfect for restaurants and hotels
  • Klasik

    Klasik is a great starter theme for your business or creative agency. No bells or whistles, just a solid theme to connect with your customers.


    • Retina ready
    • 12 custom widget areas
    • Fast loading
    • Perfect for small creative agencies
  • Alhena Lite

    Even corporate themes can have a little bit of fun sometimes. Alhena Lite conveys your message in a sharp manner, so nothing is lost in translation.


    • Full-width animated slider
    • Multiple widget areas
    • 18 different color skins
    • Perfect for corporations
  • Griffin

    If you demand greater readability from your blog, then let Griffin take care of you. Clean lines and typography meet under a gorgeous fluid layout.


    • Multiple columns
    • Full-width background header
    • Ideal for personal blogs or websites
    • Fluid layout
  • Food Recipes

    Food Recipes helps foodie bloggers beautifully display their recipes, reviews, and other cooking related content items.


    • Fluid grid layout
    • Perfect for food-related bloggers
    • Elegant image integration
  • Saga

    Getting your words to display beautifully on the screen can be a tough task. Luckily, Saga is up to challenge.


    • Impeccable typography
    • Easy customization
    • Perfect for long-form storytelling
    • Beautiful image integration
  • CW Magazine

    If you’re a media driven news site, or online magazine then CW Magazine will give you the perfect framework to get your words into the world.


    •    Featured content slider
    •    Thumbnail image integration
    •    Full-width header

  • Sporty

    Sporty allows sports bloggers, or media companies to focus on the action while it focuses on the fundamentals.


    •    Full-width featured slider
    •    Logo upload
    •    Ad management
    •    Perfect for sports bloggers

  • Striker

    Striker is an easy to customize theme that helps creative agencies do what they do best — focus on their work.


    •    Featured widget area
    •    Home page call-to-action
    •    Recent post section
    •    Full-width slider

  • Singl

    singl wordpress theme

    Singl allows musicians and artists to highlight their work and connect with their fans. It really is as simple as that.


    •    Social media and audio integration
    •    Tour management section
    •    Perfect for musicians
    •    Clean and minimalist

  • GK Portfolio


    GK Portfolio allows photographers and other creatives to highlight their best work, through their unique grid system.


    •    Social media integration
    •    Flexible grid layout
    •    Perfect for photographers

  • Advertica Lite

    Advertise Lite can’t be contained. It’s flexible and easy to use framework makes it useful across any industry.


    •    Parallax based
    •    Bootstrap foundation
    •    Highly customizable
    •    Full-width animated header

  • Edin

    Edin is a modern business theme that does simplicity right. It’s creative use of typography and imagery ensures your branding will be strong.


    •    Grid format
    •    Full-width home page CTA
    •    Stunning drop-down menu
    •    Perfect for corporate businesses

  • Espied

    Espied allows you to show off your image-oriented designs, photos, and projects to the world. When you need to show the world what you can do, use Espied.


    •    Grid layout
    •    Simple website descriptor
    •    Hidden navigation menu
    •    Perfect for visually inclined creatives

  • Klean

    Klean can work for almost any style of site, as long as you can get past the striking full-page featured image.


    •    Interactive post menu
    •    Three-column layout
    •    Social media integration
    •    Full-page header

  • DailyPost

    DailyPost will help you capture your daily notes and thoughts. It’s the perfect solution for an online journal.


    •    Supports multiple post formats
    •    Perfect for personal bloggers
    •    Easy to customize layout

  • WikiWP

    If you’ve ever wanted to build your own Wikipedia, then WikiWP can help you get there. Now you can transform your website into a digital encyclopedia.


    •    Easy to use and modify
    •    Simple and clean layout
    •    One of very few encyclopedia themes

  • Untitled

    Untitled is a nice bold theme for personal bloggers. If you have something to say then Untitled can help you say it more efficiently.


    •    Full-width slider
    •    Minimal navigation menu
    •    Bold typography
    •    Perfect for personal bloggers

  • Pink Touch 2

    Pink Touch 2 takes us back to the old days of blogging. Where things were simple and blogs functioned more like online diaries.


    •    Textured background
    •    Easy readability
    •    Several post formats
    •    Nice blend of color choices

  • RokoPhoto Lite

    RokoPhoto Lite goes beyond most photography themes by focusing on the story behind the shot. Modern and clean you’ll want this for the photographer in your life.


    •    Full-width header
    •    Permanent navigation bar
    •    Classic typography
    •    Perfect for professional photographers

  • Minamaze

    Take corporate blogging to new heights with Minimaze. Clean, simple and clear, so you can get back to work.


    • 10 widgetized areas
    • Retina ready
    • Easy to customize framework
    • Full-width slider
  • Catch Kathmandu

    Catch Kathmandu is lightweight and perfect for travel-related businesses or websites. Catch Kathmandu will support you no matter where you go.


    • Easy to customize
    • Beautiful text/image balance
    • Full-width content slider
    • Great for anything travel-related

In Closing

Just as almost every round-up post is incomplete, there were some beautiful themes that didn’t quite make the cut. You’ve got to draw a line somewhere, right? However, any of the themes highlighted above would make a great choice for your own website.

Tom Ewer
But did we miss any? What free WordPress themes do you love to use regularly that we didn’t include above? Let us know in the comments below.