Get A Curated List of BuddyPress Plugins In Your Dashboard

Get A Curated List of BuddyPress Plugins In Your Dashboard

BuddyPress now has 468 plugins listed as extensions for the platform. How would you ever know which ones are quality and which are no good if you’re a new to BuddyPress? You could spend hours researching all the options, reviews, support forums, installing and testing. Or, you could get some advice.

Get A Curated List of The Best BuddyPress Plugins From

There’s a new tool that helps to answer the question “Which BudydPress plugins should I use?” BuddyPlug is a brand new plugin from @modemlooper that provides you with a curated list of BuddyPress plugins in the same menu where you add new WordPress plugins.

BuddyPlug – a curated list of the <a href="">best BuddyPress plugins</a> on the “Add New” plugins page

The list is curated by the community and there are currently 83 plugins that have been included.

This is not to say that you should never install a plugin that doesn’t appear in this curated list. I would recommend using this as a guide or to help you narrow down options when there are multiple plugins that do the same thing.

BuddyPlug is especially useful if you’re new to BuddyPress and have no idea which plugins are quality and which you may want to avoid. Please be advised that the plugin does not come with a guarantee of any kind and is not meant to replace your own testing and research.

Of course, if you want complete peace of mind, you’ll want to check out our BuddyPress plugins at WPMU DEV. All of our plugins are guaranteed to be updated for the latest version of WordPress and BuddyPress the very same day of any new release. Developing with BuddyPress in mind doesn’t happen as an afterthought. When you launch your BuddyPress site, make sure you’re locked in with quality plugins – whether they are from a commercial provider or the repository. Installing BuddyPlug is just one more way that you can help to make sure your site will be ready for future updates.