The Best WordPress Related Websites on the Internet

The Best WordPress Related Websites on the Internet

The Best WordPress Related Websites on the InternetIf you are a regular WPMU reader, you may recall the first and/or second editions of the WPMU 100 — the top 100 WordPress related blogs on the internet.

The two editions were released four months apart, with the second edition being published in June. Therefore, I knew that October would bring about an opportunity to publish a third edition.

However, I had already decided that a new edition would have to bring something fresh — it couldn’t just be a re-hashing of the same list. So when I sat down a week ago to start work on the third edition, I knew that I would probably have to do something a little radical.

The New Format

After spending a couple of hours reviewing the sites listed in the second edition of the WPMU 100, I was disappointed to find that a lot of them had become inactive. I was also somewhat disappointed with the quality of some of the content.

That provided me with enough impetus to start from scratch. I felt that, in order to provide a resource of true worth to WordPress enthusiasts, I needed to be more ruthless with the list, and also offer up some additional context to point people in the right direction.

So that is why this newest edition of the WPMU 100 is in fact the WPMU 40. I have slashed 60 sites from the original list, based upon merit alone (as opposed to previous rankings). Furthermore, each site has been reviewed and can be filtered by four categories:

  1. News: the latest updates regarding WordPress itself, and WordPress products/services
  2. Reviews: coverage on themes, plugins and services
  3. Tutorials: guides and how-tos
  4. Dev: resources for WordPress developers

This means that based upon your interests, you can sort by category to quickly pull up a list of the sites that are most relevant to you. Please note that sites have only been listed under categories to which they contribute regularly — the occasional plugin review does not necessarily warrant a site being placed in the “Reviews” categories.

I hope that my work enables you to get a great deal more value out of the list. Enjoy!

The WPMU 40

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What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on this latest edition of the best WordPress related sites on the internet? Do you think there are any glaring omissions? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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