Something For Everyone: 28 of the Best WordPress Themes Ever

Navigating your way through WordPress theme roundups can be a daunting task.

Do you want something elegant? How about a theme that is optimized for search engines? Maybe you require one specific to your industry?

The options are practically endless, as are the number of reviews.

To help solve this issue I have taken seven of the most popular theme categories and included my personal pick of the best of the best premium themes for each.

If you are new to WordPress – or reluctant to part with your well-earned cash – fear not. I have also included a superb free option under each category.

All of the following themes are beautifully designed, packed with features and highly reliable.

The seven theme categories covered in this post include:

  • Business
  • Portfolio
  • eCommerce
  • One-Pager
  • News/Magazine
  • Personal Blog
  • Minimalist

Business Themes

  • Enfold

    Kicking off this roundup is a theme that is generating quite a cult following. With almost 48,000 downloads since its release in 2013, Enfold has taken WordPress by storm and it’s easy to see why.

    This theme is built with simplicity in mind. You can see this in its visual layout, but also in how easy it is to set up a website from scratch.

    Enfold comes with an ever-growing database of downloadable demo files, which allows you you to set up your website in just two minutes. Each demo can also be personalized using their extensive customization options, which are all supported by its custom-built drag and drop editor.

    If you do get stuck, Enfold offers dedicated customer support forums and an expanding list of video tutorials for a little extra guidance.

  • X

    X’s sales copy makes the surprisingly bold claim that it is “The only theme on the market”. While that obviously isn’t the case, X’s huge number of customization options means you won’t be looking for a new theme any time soon.

    What immediately stands out about X is its ‘Stacks’, which allow you to choose from multiple unique designs with just one click. Their Integrity theme works particularly well for businesses, but due to the flexibility that X offers, any of the four Stacks would suit.

    X also boasts a versatile and user-friendly interface alongside purported one of a kind extensions, such as Smooth Scroll and Video Lock.

    One of X’s greatest selling points is its full time, dedicated support staff. The infrastucture of support they provide makes for practically limitless personalization options.

  • Specular

    You can tell that the developers of Specular are confident in their offering. Even before you buy, you’re allowed to choose and customize a variety of templates via their online builder, completely free of charge.

    Specular’s 24+ demos showcase just how multi-purpose this business theme is, with a wide range of out of the box solutions. If you do want to make any changes, Specular’s advanced theme customization options ensure that you can easily personalize your website without design skills or coding expertise.

    Specular’s unlimited header styles and extra navigation options are also a bonus, offering even more flexibility in your website layout.

  • Free Option: Vantage

    Vantage offers a surprising amount of flexibility for a free theme. It can be used to build anything from a simple blog to an advanced e-commerce website.

    This flexibility is supported by Vantage’s reliable integration with some powerful plugins, such as Page Builder for responsible page layouts and MetaSlide for bold, eye-catching sliders.

    One of the benefits of these integrations is that Vantage can grow (or shrink) dependent on your needs. You choose if and when you install the supported plugins, so you won’t feel daunted when starting to work with the theme. Similarly, when you are ready to grow your website, the plugins will be ready and waiting for you.

    If you are new to WordPress and looking for a theme that won’t overwhelm you, but can grow with you, Vantage should suit you perfectly.

Portfolio Themes

  • Oshin

    Oshin is a creative, multipurpose theme that could be used for a variety of websites, but it struck me as being particularly appropriate for portfolio websites.

    This is partly down to the almost unlimited portfolio options that Oshin offers, including variable gutters, multiple columns, gradient overlays, eight hover options and seven title styles.

    To get you started, Oshin offers 15 demos that provide you with a host of customizable options. You can tweak these demos as much as you like with the help of Oshin’s super-fast drag and drop page builder, which includes visual previews in the backend.

    Further customization options can be found in the comprehensive option panels, including an impressive 500 Google fonts and fine-color customization controls.

    With all of these features you will certainly be able to put your own creative stamp onto this theme.

  • Ananke

    Ananke is a beautiful, one page Parallax theme that is suitable for a wide range of portfolios, whether you are a photographer, designer or an agency.

    What immediately stands out about Ananke is its flawless design. This is carried through to all aspects of the theme, including sleek animations and effects and beautiful font options.

    Ananke offers video backgrounds and moving image backgrounds, which provide a really impressive finish. The option panel also allows you to change the skin to dark or light, completely changing the look and feel of your website.

    Overall Ananke is a really beautiful and grown-up theme that is perfect for displaying your work in a professional way.

  • Crush

    Crush manages to balance reliability with a really fun and stylish interface. If you are looking for a theme that is robust, efficient and consistent without being boring, Crush is perfect for you.

    Visually speaking, the theme is highly customizable, which is evident in the wide variety of demos available. They offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for a stylish, minimalist website, or a website that is packed with images.

    The reliability of Crush is enhanced by the impressive amount of updates and patches released; approximately one per month. This is backed up by by 24 hour support, Monday to Friday.

    Overall, Crush is a fantastic all-rounder. While no one can deny the importance of reliability in a theme, it’s difficult not to be charmed by Crush’s style as well.

  • Free Option: Portfolio Press

    Portfolio Press has been around for some time now, but still remains one of the best free portfolio themes on the market today.

    Portfolio Press has remained popular due to the flexibility it offers. This is evident in its option panel that offers a variety of personalization changes, but also in the wide range of post formats that the theme supports.

    Instead of adding features bundled into the theme, Portfolio Press suggests that you install free plugins – such as Portfolio Post Type and Options Framework – for the best possible experience.

    You can rest assured that if you like Portfolio Press but feel limited by its options, there is the option to upgrade to its premium version, Portfolio+.

E-commerce Themes

  • Mindig

    Mindig is a fast and responsive e-commerce theme that focuses on providing a seamless user experience, both for you and your website visitors.

    Mindig offers a flat and clean design that won’t distract your visitors from your online store’s offerings. The theme also comes with 14 ready to use demos, all of which are supported by the Layouts plugin. By using these features you can customize every element of your page to create a truly unique look.

    Mindig also comes packed with some impressive e-commerce features to help your website stand out, such as Quick View and Zoom Effect to enhance your product images.

    Additional shop features such as Wish Lists, Product Comparison and Catalog Mode mean you can offer visitors a truly engaging shopping experience.

  • Regency

    As implied by its name, Regency is an elegant e-commerce theme that also boasts a beautiful and flexible design.

    The theme comes with three very different layout styles, so you can choose whether to focus on specific deals, product ranges or menu options. Alongside this there are an impressive 16 multi-concept demos available to choose from.

    If you’re looking for even more customization then Regency also comes with multiple header layouts that allow you to customize exactly how you showcase selected products and offers.

    While Regency looks beautiful it also focuses on your visitor’s user experience. This is evident in the inclusion of AJAX search, which includes product images and prices directly within the search results for a more interactive experience.

  • Abundance

    Abundance is a flexible theme that is aimed at those with little or no coding knowledge or design expertise.

    The theme offers a dynamic template builder that allows you to create almost any combination of posts and page content that you can imagine. To make personalization even simpler, Abundance also comes with 16 pre-defined themes that can easily be modified in the backend, without having to touch a single line of code.

    Abundance comes packed with some great features, such as a sleek looking mega menu and a zoom feature for product images, as well as lightbox.

    While Abundance is highly user friendly, if you do get stuck you will have access to video tutorials and a growing community support forum, which currently boasts 4,500 registered users.

  • Free Option: Virtue

    Virtue is perfect for any e-commerce business that has a particularly visual product offering.

    The theme is extremely versatile with a surprising amount of features packed in for a free theme. Its options panel allows you to easily set home layouts, sliders, custom fonts and customize your overall website look without having to interact with any code.

    If you are looking for a plug-and-play option, Virtue also comes with seven pre-made skins for an even easier website build.

    Virtue is built with HTML5 and CSS3 and uses the powerful Bootstrap responsive framework, so you can rest assured that it is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

    You will also have access to exhaustive documentation and support if you have any queries, without you having to pay a thing.

One-Pager Themes

  • Jarvis

    As you can see, Jarvis makes the bold claim that it is “The most amazing one page Parallax WordPress theme” and I have to admit, it is one of my favorites.

    The theme is big and bold, so it may not be for everyone. However, with 14+ unique layout variations, it is easy to create the exact look that you are after.

    Jarvis has Parallax sections built into it, so you can get creative with your final layout and design. It also comes with powerful typography options and nearly 250 different icon fonts.

    You can craft a smooth user experience for your visitors with the six different navigation styles included, as well as compatibility for full screen users.

    Jarvis is a theme that is sure to get you noticed and is perfect for those wanting to display multimedia without having to worry about multi-device constraints.

  • SCRN

    Continuing with the bold theme is SCRN, a quirky offering that packs lots of media features.

    SCRN offers a unique variety of shortcodes and shortcode variations that make it suitable for multiple websites, such as image slideshows, floating lightbox and pricing tables. It also includes a multiple social icons and supports videos within portfolios.

    All of this is backed up by an extensive theme options panel, where you can easily change background images, colors, favicons and browse over 200 fonts.

    If you are looking for a plug-and-play theme then SCRN offers sample data files so you can easily achieve the exact look and finish as their impressive demo.

  • Brooklyn

    Brooklyn is a more subtle and elegant one page offering that can be easily personalized to suit a personal, professional or portfolio site.

    The Parallax theme “with more than one face” offers 13 ready-made demos which are supported by a one-click demo installer, so you won’t have to deal with any XML files.

    For those looking for a portfolio theme, Brooklyn comes with three different portfolio showcases to choose from. If you require an e-commerce site on the other hand, Brooklyn comes with a variety of shop features, such as a handy quick-pricing table manager.

    New features and demos are continuously being released for Brooklyn, allowing it to grow with your website. Personal support is also included, so you can create a sleek looking website no matter what your skill level.

  • Free Option: Moesia

    It’s easy to mistake Moesia for being a premium theme. Fear not; despite being packed with an astonishing amount of features, Moesia is actually free!

    Moesia makes it possible to achieve a premium look without the price tag. Not only does it immediately look striking, but it also manages to pack sleek animations and effects, parallax headers and custom widgets all into a free package.

    One of Moesia’s most useful features is its 11 predefined blocks which making building your website a breeze. Each homepage block can have a Parallax background image and its own set of colors, making it highly customizable.

    I’m confident that Moesia will be enough for all but the most demanding users, but if you are happy to pay for even more functionality then you can upgrade to Moesia Pro.

News/Magazine Themes

  • Mag XP

    Mag XP is a news and magazine theme that combines flexibility, form and function perfectly.

    In terms of design, Mag XP offers a lot of options. You can choose from four homepage layouts, use the options panel to personalize almost everything on your website and quickly change the design from bright and clean to dark and minimal.

    Mag XP also keeps functionality in mind by offering a secure and agile framework along with AJAX tabs and search. The theme is optimized for speed and SEO, so you are able to capture as much traffic as possible.

    Unlimited colors, 350+ Google fonts and category colors are additional features which make Mag XP a real pleasure to work with.

  • SimpleMag

    SimpleMag is an elegant and understated theme that allows your creative to take centre stage.

    Setup really is a breeze with SimpleMag, allowing you to create an impressive looking website straight out of the box and without the need for heavy customization.

    For any changes you do want to make, SimpleMag comes with a page composer that offers a large variety of section, homepage and category layouts, allowing you to pick and choose the look you want.

    The theme also offers some standout features that aren’t commonly seen in comparable themes. These include a configurable drop down mega menu and the ability to set different layouts and templates based on categories.

    If you are looking for a theme that will ensure your news and articles look polished and professional, SimpleMag will work perfectly.

  • Newspaper

    Newspaper is perfect for those looking for a news, magazine, publishing or review theme that offers a serious amount of features.

    To ensure your website doesn’t look like just another news site, Newspaper comes with an impressive 60 layout combinations. These are supported by fully customizable ‘Stacks’, which load with just one click from the theme panel, making setup a breeze. Stacks are regularly updated so you are continuously offered an even wider amount of personalization options.

    Newspaper boasts some exciting functionality such as a custom-made lightbox, a custom drag and drop gallery and a video playlist. All of this combined ensures that your news or magazine site will stand out from the crowd.

  • Free Option: Hueman

    Hueman offers some seriously impressive features and functionality for a free theme. My immediate favorite is its advanced responsive capabilities, which move the various menus on offer in a highly intuitive way. Check out the live demo to see it in acton.

    Hueman comes with a wide range of fun features which makes the theme a real pleasure to work with. These include extensive styling options and a flexible layout to easily customize your site.

    Hueman also offers some nice finishing touches, such as integrated share counts and Font Awesome.

    Notable free news and magazine themes can be hard to come by. Hueman could be your go-to option if you want an impressive theme that’s a pleasure to use.

Personal Blog Themes

  • BuzzBlog

    BuzzBlog is a clean and simple theme that is perfect for beginner and professional bloggers alike.

    The theme has an outstanding admin panel that offers clear and understandable tab layouts, making it simple to find the settings you need. You are able to add unlimited colors, change font and layout types, change gallery settings and import theme options in seconds.

    In addition to these personalization options, BuzzBlog includes seven different blog layouts and 11 predefined CSS styles, complemented by an impressive 500+ Google fonts and an even more impressive 800 retina ready icons.

    No matter your experience level, if you are looking for an elegant theme that is simple to personalize, BuzzBlog will not disappoint.

  • FastBlog

    FastBlog has been designed for social media fans who want to blog on the go, no matter where they are.

    The theme offers Tumblr-style blogging capabilities to allow for super-simple posting, even from a mobile device. It supports a wide-range of post types, including audio and video, so you’ll never be restricted by the type of content you want to share.

    In keeping with the social media theme, FastBlog offers an impressive 120+ social icons, allowing you to build your community on any network of your choice. It also comes with robust Twitter and Flickr implementation with a buffering system to speed up page loading.

    If you’re concerned that your website will look like a Tumblr replicant, fear not. FastBlog offers 12 color schemes, 100 shortcode variations and four widgets, enabling you to achieve the exact unique design that you desire.

  • Heap

    Heap is a fun and quirky theme that prides itself on being flexible, clean and fast.

    The theme is perfect for blogging and publishing in all forms, whether you want to share photos, write a rambling blog post or publish videos. It is incredibly socially integrated, so your posts are sharable on over 300 social networks.

    Heap also comes with a live customizer that combines style options with the ability to live preview any changes before you set your page live or even save it. You can easily change fonts, colors and layout sizes and see their impact immediately.

    In terms of performance, Heap have paid extra attention to speed to ensure that your website runs smoothly and quickly. The theme has been built using the latest semantic HTML5 markup, making it easy for search engines to discover your content.

  • Free Option: Sparkling

    Sparkling is a free, flat WordPress theme that offers a premium look and feel.

    The theme comes with dozens of options that allow for easy customization. You are able to edit footer copyright information, change fonts and edit sliders without having to learn any code. Additionally, Sparkling offers unlimited color options and several one-click color pickers so that you can change the color of every element.

    A fun feature of Sparkling is that it supports Infinite Scroll, which enables your content to immediately load as the user scrolls down, Pinterest-style.

    Sparkling offers outstanding support for a free theme. However, if you require a little more advice or even website development services, Sparkling are able to do this at a small cost.

Minimalist Themes

  • Gridlocked

    Gridlocked is a grid-based, minimalist theme for creative types. It is both a classic portfolio theme for showcasing your work and a modern Tumblr-style blogging system, making this theme perfect for both professional and personal websites.

    It is easy for a minimalist theme to look cold and clinical. Gridlocked however manages to maintain its personality without looking too busy. It may not come with tons of fancy animations and effects, but this makes it easy for your most important work to stand out without any distractions.

    Additionally, there is no limit to what you can post with Gridlock’s support for multiple post formats such as video, audio, links and quotes.

    Gridlock is simple to set up, but also comes with a well-rated support forum for any help or assistance.

  • Purity

    While Purity is a minimalist theme, it still manages to make a big impact.

    Upon installation of Purity you can easy import demo content that allows you to replicate the design of Purity’s impressive demo without the need for coding skills. All you need to do is edit the content.

    Despite this there are still extensive personalization options that allow you to take control of your website design. This is in addition to light and dark skin options, that allow you to play with the look and feel of your website in seconds.

    Purity also comes with a highly rated support board, where questions are normally answered within hours.

    If you are looking for a theme that makes a statement as opposed to being subtle and elegant then Purity is perfect for you.

  • Core

    Core is the perfect minimalist theme for photographers who want their work to take centre stage.

    The theme offers a variety of personalization options such as light and dark skins, three homepage styles and four portfolio styles. These are all easily editable, so that crafting a unique website and portfolio is a breeze.

    Showcasing multiple media types is also simple with Core, with a full screen slideshow for photo gallery and video portfolio. These are all complemented by Core’s finishing touches, such as styled typography, unlimited sidebars and flexible page columns.

    Core also comes with eight bespoke widgets to support media showcasing. These are particularly suitable for any social media fans out there, with Twitter feeds, YouTube and Vimeo videos, social icons and Flickr photostream.

  • Free Option: Tonal

    Tonal is the perfect theme for those who don’t want to worry about customization but still want a unique looking website.

    Tonal manages to do this by automatically adapting its overall design to your chosen background. Without you having to change a thing, Tonal will modify typography and all other elements of your page to make sure they complement your background color perfectly. This ensures you have a unique site without the having to make multiple changes.

    You can build upon your unique site with the help of Tonal’s multiple media support, including large featured images, full-width videos and a variety of post formats that render on almost any device.

    An added bonus is that each post format links to that format’s archive, allowing your readers to easily browse posts that are relevant to one another.

    Tonal’s clever design is also worth noting. It manages to remain minimal and sleek by positioning its widgets and navigation behind a hidden panel. This also helps Tonal to adapt to any device to create a smooth user experience.

Over To You

That’s it for this monster theme round-up. Now it’s over to you in the comments section. Are you looking for a WordPress theme that doesn’t fit in of the categories above? Or have we missed out one of your favorites?

There’s no way we could have covered everything in this post so we welcome you to let us know your thoughts below.

36 Responses

  • New Recruit

    Nice list! I think I may point people to this when they ask for recommendations. I have a blog post about quality freebies, and it coincides with a bunch of yours.

    I’m almost off of recommending Themeforest stuff. People will hire me to mod those, and when I get under the hood, it’s generally much less pretty. But there are some excellent ones, for sure, and having paid support is also worthwhile.

    Thanks! Dave

      • New Recruit


        Someone mentioned Avada. I’ve worked on it twice, and am doing so as we speak. It is very pretty, and has nice features. It’s a big deal to modify, though, for anything beyond its admin panels, because frankly, it’s massively bloated, which is par for the course with most Themeforest themes. I will say this: Themeforest now has pretty decent standards, so at least the QA basics are covered quite well now! But this doesn’t prevent feature bloat, of course.

        So as you alluded, it all depends on one’s perspective.

        Different strokes for different folks! :)

    • Author

      Hi Scott,

      I never claimed that this was an objective list. From the intro: “my personal pick”. And there’s no way we could have covered everything in this post, as I said in the conclusion.

      Thanks for mentioning Avada, which is clearly a very popular theme, and I’m sure others will agree that it deserved a place in this post. Such is the beauty of varied personal opinion!



  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Another nice list.

    But, it continues to surprise me that WPMUDEV operates as some degree of an affiliate of Themeforest and others, while sparsely supporting their own, mostly archaic, theme portfolio for paid up members. On one hand, you’re giving some decent direction. Vantage by SiteOrigin and their Pagebuilder plugin (both free) are worthy of any list. You miss out on the most commercial offerings like Genesis with Child Themes, OptimizePress or LeadPages, and free frameworks like Weaver II. It’s clear that your recommendations are going to particular sources.

    I’d like to see as much effort from WPMUDEV at developing at least one really great, responsive, adaptive theme for members as they spend putting out these lists. Just my opinion.

    • Author

      Hi HunterGatherer,

      Thanks for submitting such a carefully considered comment; I truly appreciate it.

      As I’m sure you appreciate, my list is subjective, and it’s far more my list than WPMU DEV’s (I write for WPMU DEV, but they didn’t tell me what themes must be included).

      Regarding free themes, I limited myself to one theme per category, so I was bound to miss out some top quality themes. You mention Weaver II specifically, but I believe that is no longer under development, which automatically discounts it (not to mention that frameworks were not considered for this roundup, because the themes are category-specific).

      As for commercial offerings, I am not a fan of OptimizePress or LeadPages. Genesis is a solid framework, no doubt, but I’m not blown away by most of their child themes.



      • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


        No list is going to ever get close to covering the offerings, or best of, for themes in WordPress. As such, your list was fine.

        My real comment is about WPMUDEV, and the lack of new, responsive or adaptive themes available for members. They have been dodging this question for a couple of years, relying on very worn out design, and ancient options and controls, for the themes they offer. They seem to be relying on lists of others, mostly premium, through links and blog comments like this one. I’m a member, and have been for 3 of the last 4 years, and it’s beyond time for them to update their own theme stock. I fully appreciate that their energies have been directed toward plugin development. There is no better starting place for a good collection. But, if they are claiming to offer themes, they should be much more up to date, and new entrants in the WordPress sphere should know that WPMUDEV is NOT the place to find current themes.

        I’m torn regarding OptimizePress and LeadPages as well. But, something in their style deserves at least a mention.

        Weaver II has been in development, with minor modification first as Aspen, then recently fully upgraded to Weaver Xtreme. They deserve a look or mention. The initial design of the basic layout is totally archaic, but the options and controls are better than Genesis, and there are both free and premium versions.

        Of the whole batch, I really like what SiteOrigin has done. Their collection of free and low cost themes is fine. Their free PageBuilder plugin allows someone to layout almost anything, like OP 2.0 or LeadPages using their framework and any widgets you want to use. I don’t find too many mentions of them, and they deserve more attention. I’m hoping to see what Greg Priday and his team come up with when they have a premium version. I suspect it will be all most will need. I like that you can use PageBuilder with any theme. We use it with Weaver and the results are decent.

        • The Crimson Coder

          Hi HunterGatherer,

          I hope you’ll check out our new themes, which we recently released to members only. They all work on our new Upfront platform, which we’ve spent the past two years developing. Yeah, we do spend a lot of time on our plugins, but we’ve also spent a heluva lot of time working on Upfront and creating awesome themes to go with it. Head over to our Themes page to check them out. We’ve got heaps more themes coming out in the coming weeks. Hope you like them!



          • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

            Nice to see you have something new.

            Is it possible to download the Upfront framework and create a theme or child theme from it? Can I use it like Genesis to create my own? If so, please post the link.

            I hate to sound too negative, but after years of waiting, I can’t tell yet how current these are. I know I have already sought out themes, plugins and components that do most of what these accomplish. I’m sure many others have as well.

  • The Crimson Coder

    Hi HunterGatherer,

    We’re currently working on a theme builder for Upfront so you’ll be able to create your own theme from scratch. Even so, if you download any of the themes now available you can strip all the content and create your own look and feel. I’d definitely encourage you to give it a go. There’s an Upfront section in our forums with lots more information if you have any feedback. Our Upfront dev team has been working closely with members and responding to feedback during the past couple of months.

    I can assure you, these themes are current and there are more to come soon!



  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    You might want to tell your development team that inappropriate, flippant, messages built into your themes just pisses people off. I just took another look at the combination of Upfront with Spirit child theme. When I went to “live preview” the theme, you guys have a built in message that for some reason says “Cheatin’ uh?”. What the hell is that?

    That kind of childlike programming, regardless of my status as an elite member, or not, is way out of whack. If there is some reason it really won’t post a live preview, you might want to have them simply state it instead of being smart ass children. It reflects on the value of your membership in a highly derogatory way. I could say a whole lot more.

  • JT
    New Recruit

    I read your recommendations with a great deal of interest, as I find myself doing more and more wordpress site building for customers over the years.

    I have not used all of the themes on this list. I have used both Avada and Enfold from Themeforest. Enfold I like, Avada a bit less so but I won’t go into all the reasons here, other then to say the product is perhaps less then the hype.

    I did find it surprising that another topseller theme from Themeforest which has much greater longevity, a renown track record of support, and is much more comprehensive in its design flexibility and abilities was not on your list: Striking MultiFlex. I would say that 6 out of every 10 sites I build use it. Looking at all the diff themes above, MultiFlex can be used to build out almost everything all these other themes layout, it is just that flexible. And despite its huge feature list, it is easily customisable and really the most plugin friendly high level theme I have ever used.

    I am thinking that Striking is not appearing in the top sellers list anymore that it may have been removed from consideration for your list. That is understandable but you should be aware that its sales are probably misleading. A lot of the Striking repeat buyers have migrated to the designer/professional class theme they have (not a themeforest product). Access to it is by invitation only, but it is amazing – its what i use in those other 4 out of 10 situations. Its more money, but worth it on my professional projects (schools, govt, big business).

    I suspect all the themes that sell well have substantial repeat buyers as they mature. As a designer when you get comfortable using a theme, you tend to stick with it as you know it’s “ins and outs” so the work can be done faster and more profitably.

    Anyways, I just wanted to give some feedback from my use of WordPress themes over the last 7 years. All the themes you listed seem to be nice even if some of the free ones likely fall down pretty quickly once wanting to build a more sophisticated varied website. There are a couple on your list from themehouses that I have used if you start to investigate their code, they have issues, but this is neither the time nor the place for such discussion. On that topic what do you all make of the debacle of the latest round of woo plugin updates? Bloody awful. I think we are at what, 7 or 8 updates now in the last 10 days to correct all the bugs? All so they can soon start cranking out more “pro” versions of former core stuff they have now spun into plugins, at exorbitant rates and bad support.

    Anyways, were I reading your article, and I wanted an inexpensive all round theme that is exceptionally fast and well coded, seo optimized, with longevity and an enviable support/updating record, plus oh so friendly with plugins, I believe Striking MultiFlex is one they should examine.

    Thanks for the article. Not many roundups yet in 2015 so I found it interesting reading.

    Thanks, John Tavar

  • New Recruit

    Hi Tom, I’m interested to using personal blog theme, thats make me surprising. And I’m sure your themes using a lot of people, because it’s interest with elegant design and harmonious colour. That’s great, and i love’d the design
    But, i’m finding themes Personal blog which mixed minimalist, maybe i can find it? if there, could you recommendation it to me? thanks



  • New Recruit

    Thanks for sharing such a nice collection of WordPress themes. Enfold, X, Crush, Ananke WordPress themes I like the most from this amazing collection. I will surely use such themes in my projects and also recommend this collection of WordPress themes to users. Well, for designing I am currently using a web designing software, template-toaster. It is also a useful resource to design themes or templates. It helps to design fully responsive Bootstrap powered theme and is multi browser and CMS compatible.

  • New Recruit

    2014 was the year of the one-page themes. It seems that 2015 was overflooded with multi-purpose themes, packed with features that no website could possibly use at once and tens(even hundreds) of demos to choose from. Should I call it a trend?
    Some of the listed themes are quite oldies but goodies, like SCRN or Purity. I like very much Patti . It has a clean layout and a b&w feel and look. One of my favorites is Salient, Although it doesn`t come with too many features, it compensates through user experience.

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