Big News for BuddyPress – New Open Source Plugin to Enable User Media Uploads

Big News for BuddyPress – New Open Source Plugin to Enable User Media Uploads

kalturaLet me introduce you to, an open source video platform. Kaltura has partnered with BuddyPress to create an extremely useful feature that you must know about if you have any intentions of creating a full-featured social networking site. This exciting new plugin allows BuddyPress users to upload images, video, and audio seamlessly into their profiles. Check out the features of the first release:

  1. Buddypress user gets a media menu.
  2. They can upload videos, images and audio files seamlessly to their profiles. (Data will be stored on kaltura server)
  3. All kaltura-data uploaded by a user will be visible to other users.
  4. Data will be organized into videos, images and audio automatically.
  5. Buddypress users won’t need separate Kaltura accounts to use media-rich features added by this component.
  6. Only the Buddypress (Wordpess MU) admin needs a Kaltura partner ID. All user data will be associated with admin’s Kaltura partner account.
  7. A local database at the buddypress installation keeps track of which users are uploading which files, which further deals with data-separation on a per member basis.


They’ve got a Live Demo up over HERE.

Download the media component HERE.

Activate it:

1. Unzip the folder. Inside you will find two directories: “rt-bp-kaltura-plugin” and “rt-bp-kaltura-theme”
2. Upload the plugin directory to: wp-content/plugins
3. Upload the theme directory to: wp-content/bp-themes/bp-members
4. Activate the plugin: Dashboard >> Plugins
5. Enter your Kaltura account in the settings: Dashboard >> Settings >> Kaltura Settings

I added it to one of my sites just to test it and I had zero issues. Sometimes you get a plugin with fantastic functionality but the interface looks like crap. Not so with this one – it’s perfect right out of the box!


The rtCamp team who developed this plugin is also working on privacy controls, album support, commenting, and caching support. A big thank you goes out to them for creating this much-needed component! Can’t wait to see how it evolves!