It’s official, we’ve been blacklisted by Matt / WordPress

It’s official, we’ve been blacklisted by Matt / WordPress

OK, so I can take a hint and I can see where we’re not wanted, and I’d rather get it all out so I don’t have to mention it again – we can just focus on the good stuff we’re doing and planning on doing.

So, consider this my last ‘we’re getting picked on by Matt / Certain members of Automattic‘ post / flame / troll whatever you want to call it :)

But the fact of the matter is that just ‘not liking’ us has gone from disapproval to actively trying to damage us over the last few weeks, I mean the whole ‘getting rid of MU’ because of us was bad enough already, but just recently it’s started to get concrete… and I felt I just had to share it with you, to get it off my chest:

1. (a free, GPL, plugins hosted site) is removed from the WordPress codex by Matt, without explanation.


2. – the earliest surviving (and second largest by all accounts) WordPress MU site is removed from the page (I asked Matt for comment, he just ignored me):


3. You now can’t leave a comment in the regular MU forums recommending one of our WPMU DEV Premium plugins (although other people get to spruce their paid downloads as much as they want!) without it getting deleted (unfortunately I can’t *prove* this, you’ll just have to take my word for it)


4. Despite the fact that we fulfill all the criteria and then some, we’re simply not allowed on the Commercial Themes directory. We don’t get any response from them, zero, zilch.


I even wrote one of those stoopid Haikus… sheesh I feel like such a Twatt!

5. We submitted a core security patch to BuddyPress the other day, privately, not making a big deal of it (like we could have) and forcing the latest release… we didn’t even get a mention :/

And, believe me, there’s  heap of other stuff, it’s just been building and building over time :(

So, all in all, we can take a hint, we’re not only not wanted, Matt actually wants to take the time to aggressively pursue us.

Despite the fact that he’s such an important person on the web, and is leading such a top company.

And despite the fact that we’re playing within the rules of the GPL, doing the ‘right thing’ wherever possible, providing valuable services to thousands and thousands of people (who seem to like what we provide for them!), promoting WordPress and ‘giving back’ left right and center.

As we have been for years, and years and years!

I mean, have we honestly done anything to deserve this kind of treatment?

But then again, what can you do?

Get over it I guess… hence I’m done with this whole bitching and complaining thing, and at least things are now 100% clear.

Now we just need to get on with doing what we do well, helping our customers out and building a great business regardless of the obstacles that get thrown is our way by the very people that you’d hope we could work well with, and stop playing these stupid games of personal politics.