Block WordPress Spam Bots: No CAPTCHAs, No Questions, No Math

Block WordPress Spam Bots: No CAPTCHAs, No Questions, No Math

Spam is one of the most irritating aspects of managing a WordPress website. Tired of dealing with CAPTCHAs and stupid questions on your comment forms? Check out BotBlocker, a new plugin with a unique method of killing comment spam.

How does it work?

BotBlocker utilizes honeypot technology. Essentially, it tricks the spam-bot into identifying itself by performing actions that a human could not.

The best thing about this plugin is that it doesn’t inconvenience your visitors. It’s also very easy for you to use, since it works out of the box and there are no API keys required.

BotBlocker features:

  • Automatically stops spam-bots from commenting
  • Zero hindrance to users: no CAPTCHAS, math questions, passwords or extra input required
  • Zero false positives
  • Can be configured to completely block spam-bots or flag comments as spam
  • Spam detection messages can be easily customized through the dashboard
  • No javascript or cookies required
  • Hooks into wp-comments-post.php to prevent spam-bots from directly submitting spam comments

BotBlocker should play nicely with most customized comment forms and should not conflict with other comment or spam plugins you have active. It also has a number of configurable settings. You can change the method for blocking spam, turn errors on or off, and set the level of randomness for how to hide the honeypot field. The plugin can also obfuscate the standard WordPress comment fields and rename them to make it harder for spam bots to figure out.

Of course, it takes a little while to see how effective a plugin is at blocking spam and this one is too new for gauging results. I am currently testing it and hope to see good results blocking bots over the next week or two. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and we’ll post an update. Download BotBlocker from the or visit the plugin’s homepage for more information.