Blog and user creator plugin

Blog and user creator plugin

I told you these last two would be doozies didn’t I :)

Well, say ‘G’day’ to a bit of a big one – The Blog and User Creator.

What does it do? Well… it provides you and your users with the facility to create and manage as many blogs and users as you want, straight from the ‘Users’ menu item!

And it makes it so that anyone can figure it out – providing a simple form based system with a simple (default) and advanced interface split.

Think about that for a minute… how is the growth of your site gonna be affected by giving people the facility to create blog sand usernames for other people… no more ‘send an invite’… here’s an actual blog, and a username, and a password!

In the first case users/blogs can be created by just providing a username and an email address – all the relevant info will then be sent to the user (with a random password etc.) You can also decide if you want to be added as admin to the blogs you are creating.


In the second you can choose different usernames and blog urls, set the password for each user, set the title for each blog and decide, on a per blog basis, whether you want to be added as admin or not.


It’s been a huge hit at – and we hope it’ll be just as important at your site!

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