Blogs Directory WordPress Multisite Plugin

Blogs Directory WordPress Multisite Plugin

Would you like a directory of all the different blogs or sites on yoru WordPress Multisite setup? Well try… the blogs directory plugin.

This one is a direct relation of the members list plugin and operates in a very similar way… except this time for blogs.

Once installed you need to simply creates a new page at with the slug blogs and it’ll place a rather beautiful directory of all of the blogs on it.

The blogs will display alphabetically and in a paginated form – which you can easily change with a few tweaks.

Alongside each blog is displayed it’s avatar (as set by our avatar plugin).

At the top and bottom of every page you have Next and Previous pagination.

And there’s even a search field :)

Here it is in action on one of our test sites…

Not bad, huh :) You can download it here.