Boost Sales in Your WordPress Store With MarketPress Statistics

Boost Sales in Your WordPress Store With MarketPress Statistics

Successful online shop owners know that the sales don’t always come pouring in without a little bit of strategy. If you want to improve your store, then you make it your business to know where your sales are coming from, which products are selling well, and how your pricing structure is working out. MarketPress Statistics is a new plugin that will help you to take your sales to the next level. It was created by aristath, one of our WPMU DEV members. MarketPress Statistics makes use of Google Charts to display lots of valuable MarketPress data.

Information to Help You Maximize Sales

After you install and enable this plugin, you’ll see a new menu item in your admin area called “Sales Statistics”. Here you’ll find several valuable visualizations of your sales data.

For example, you’ll set sales by product price displayed as a scatter chart:

Analyzing this chart will help you to know which price ranges are the most commonly purchased in your online store.

A related chart shows your total revenue by product price to help you gain an understanding of how well your different prince ranges are doing in your store:

MarketPress Statistics currently includes charts for:

  • Total sales by month, 12 months
  • Average revenue per sale, 12 months
  • Product sales, 12 months
  • Product sales average/order, 12 months
  • Sales by product price
  • Revenue by product price
  • Top products (sales)
  • Top products (revenue)
  • Top clients

You can also view each month’s statistics and all-time totals for revenue, sales, products sold, average products per sale, and average revenue per sale.

Any issues and/or requests can be posted on the MarketPress Statistics WPMU DEV forum post, or, if you’re feeling even more helpful, you can post on the project’s github issue queue.

The sooner you add MarketPress Statistics to your store, the better your sales strategy will become. It’s a free plugin, so what’s not to love? Download MarketPress Statistics today from the WordPress plugin repository.