MailChimp Killer? WPMU DEV’s new WordPress email newsletter plugin does it all!

We’ve been in the business of releasing WordPress email plugins for a while now, but nothing comes close to this… introducing the all new e-Newsletter, we think you are going to love it.

We’ve put everything we can into this to provide you with a truly professional email newsletter setup, including pretty much everything you could require:

  • Super easy setup and configuration
  • Beautiful, fully customizable templates
  • Along with a great template builder
  • Powerful user management (including import)
  • User groups & group management
  • Detailed informative reports
  • Cracking widget interface and behavior
  • SMTP much improved
  • Add user data to newsletters
  • Display emails in browser
  • Shortcodes galore
  • New hooks to integrate with other plugins
  • And much, much more
  • With amazing support and usage docs, if you need them

And of course as it’s a WPMU DEV plugin it’s guaranteed to work, guaranteed to be updated and comes with guaranteed support.

Not bad huh :) Let’s take a look under the hood…

The template builder is just like editing a theme in WordPress, in fact it’s identical :)

Couldn’t be easier to build an email template, right in WordPress

And of course the plugin comes with a bunch of pre-built, gorgeous templates for you pleasure, for example:

A nice clean minimal template
A dark background, for you hackers out there ;)

And here’s one of my personal favorite features, adding and managing users and groups:

Easily add and manage and import individual and batches of email

And of course logged in users (for example, on Multisite or BuddyPress installations) can easily manage their email subscriptions via the widget, yum:
Users can easily manage their subscriptions

And there is so, so much more… in fact here’s that video again if you missed it the first time round, 60 seconds and you’ll be convinced.

We’ve been working on email functionality for WordPress for years, for example there’s Subscribe by Email, Mass Email (old skool MU!), BuddyPress Group Email and Automessage (drip email), but we reckon this is the best of the lot, by a long way.

Download e-Newsletter here, woohoo!

Photo credit: Today is a good day