Adding Google Analytics to Your WordPress Dashboard

Adding Google Analytics to Your WordPress Dashboard

WPMU DEV’s Google Analytics + plugin puts all the important statistics at your WordPress fingertips by adding beautiful charts and graphs to your dashboard and the post edit screen.

Perfect for single sites, it’s even better for multisite network owners with tracking of sub-domains and mapped domains, and the ability to view data for your entire network – as well as individual sites.

You can even check out analytics stats on individual posts, right there on a per post basis inside WordPress.

Google Analytics + is ideal for multisite network owners, especially with the ability to add your own Google Account ID to every page.

Meaning you’ll be able to gather and analyze data from across your entire network.

Every click on every page on every site will be collected regardless of whether the site owner has Google Analytics installed (although they can have their own analytics set up in addition!).

And thanks to sub-domain and domain mapping, you’ll be able to provide statistics for your site owners, in their dashboards, without any complicated set-up.

But there’s heaps here too for every WordPress user.

Google Analytics + Features

  • View essential post statistics on the actual post edit screen
  • View extended and detailed statistics in your WordPress dashboard
  • Collect data for an entire multisite network automatically, no code required
  • Collect data for sub-domains and mapped domains
  • Link your WordPress site and Google Analytics account with just one click

Dashboard Statistics

A dashboard widget displays an eye-catching graph of traffic data for the last 30 days:

Screenshot of traffic graph from the WordPress desktop
Instant feedback on how your site or multisite network is performing

The extended display, accessed by clicking on the “See All Stats” button, extends the traffic analysis, adds a world-map of geo-location data, and tables for the most popular content, the top search terms and the top referrers:

Screenshot of the "see all stats" page with graphs for traffic and geo-location data and tables for content, searches and referrers.
Traffic, location, content, search terms, referrers for the last 30 days, 3 months or year, at the click of a button

The timeframe for the data can be toggled between the last 30 days, 3 months and year via buttons at the top of the display.

Post Statistics

As well as displaying statistics in the dashboard, the plugin also adds a traffic summary to the post edit screen, allowing you to easily review the performance of an individual post:

Traffic statistics for each post accessible from the post edit screen
Screenshot of the graph showing traffic data for an individual post in the post edit screen

Easily Integrate Google and WordPress

Tying your dashboard to your Google account is quick and easy with 1-click login process from the plugin’s settings page.

Once your WordPress install and Google account are connected you can select which analytics profile you want to use to drive the data display.

Get an Overview For Your Entire Network

Knowing how each individual site in a network is performing is obviously useful but of far more use to a multisite network owner is knowing how the entire network is performing.

Google Analytics + will add an account id on the settings page to every page on your network allowing you track every click on every page on every site, regardless of whether the site owner has Analytics installed.

The plugin also allows for the tracking of sub-domains and mapped domains, so you can automatically generate statistics for individual sites And have these displayed in the individual sites’ dashboards without the need to for any setting-up by the site owner.

Simply switch on these options and you’ll automatically start collecting data for the individual sites in your multisite network.

Analytics Just Where You Want them

Sometimes you just want a quick snapshot of what is going on with your network, a site or even a page.

Google Analytics + provides this just where you want it and where you do most of your work: the dashboard of your favourite open-source CMS.

Download the plugin here.

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