BuddyDress Redesign: New Clothes, New Pricing, and a Kickass Affiliate Program

BuddyDress Redesign: New Clothes, New Pricing, and a Kickass Affiliate Program

The best premium theme site for BuddyPress is now sporting a hot new look with an exciting update to the pricing structure. Already featured in several prominent CSS galleries, the new BuddyDress 2.0 redesign is a complete overhaul to put themes in the spotlight.

BuddyDress themes offer the most comprehensive support for full-featured WordPress and WordPress Multisite communities operating BuddyPress networks. With superior custom theme options and thorough documentation, you’re not going to find higher quality themes anywhere else in the BuddyPress community.

More Options for Purchasing Themes and Support

BuddyDress themes and support are now available for purchase individually, as well as a full subscription for the entire collection. For those who only need one theme and not a subscription, this pricing update makes purchasing elite BuddyPress themes much more affordable.

You can now purchase one theme with support for as little as $39. Subscription for the entire collection starts out at $59. Updates for the very latest versions of WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress are always guaranteed, so you’re never left in the lurch.

Join the BuddyDress Affiliate Program to Make Some Sweet Cash

Did you know that BuddyDress has its own affiliate program? You’ll earn a generous 33% on each sale that you generate – much higher than most affiliate programs out there. These themes are so hot and packaged with a ridiculous number of easy-to-use options – they practically sell themselves. Check out the benefits of signing up:

  • Give you a genuine 33% of all sales you generate
  • Track visitors you send us for 60 days via a cookie
  • Provide you with real time reports of visitors you send to us
  • Send you rapid monthly payments and offer performance incentives

Tammie has outlined everything that’s new in the BuddyDress 2.0 announcement post. You’ll want to make sure you’re subscribed to the BuddyDress blog for all the latest news, tips and tutorials. Head over to BuddyDress to find the perfect theme for your social network.