BuddyDress tutorials have landed: Learn how to add widgets anywhere

Over at BuddyDress a new weekly feature of tutorials has kicked off with the first ‘Add a widget anywhere in 3 steps‘.  These tutorials are both a video and a written step by step guide.  The aim of these is to each week take you through a customisation you can do to any BuddyPress theme starting as said with adding a widget anywhere.  You can see the video here:

Over at BuddyDress you can also request a subject to be covered in a tutorial if you want.  You can also keep an eye out on the tutorial vimeo album here.  Future tutorial plans include:

  • Adding a custom header
  • Adding CSS to a child theme
  • Using firebug to find a class
  • Creating a page template
  • Creating an author template
  • Creating a home page / front page template
  • Inserting the activity stream into your front page