BuddyPress Bookmarklet Enables Posting Activity from Anywhere on the Web!

This weekend BuddyPress developer imath launched a beta plugin for BuddyPress that allows users to share any web page directly to a BuddyPress site.

You’ve seen and used bookmarklets for services such as Delicious, Diaspora and Pinterest. This one behaves very similarly, except it’s for posting to your particular BuddyPress site.

When logged in, a user will find a bookmarklet available to drag and drop into the bookmarks toolbar. When the bookmark is clicked, the title and URL of the current page will pop up for sharing to your BuddyPress site. Any shared items will post to the user’s personal or group activity stream.

Check out a demo of how it works:

I believe this plugin has the potential to open a lot of doors for the BuddyPress platform beyond the small niche communities that currently exist. It enables users to be engaged with your community while not directly on the website, which opens up a whole new avenue for content creation and participation. Please note that it does require BuddyPress 1.5+ and is not yet in the WordPress repository. Download BP Bookmarklet from imath’s site, drop him a note of thanks and remember that it’s still in beta!