BuddyPress calendar and event plugin

BuddyPress calendar and event plugin

Our latest offering to you on the BuddyPress front is this rather neat BuddyPress calendar plugin.

It’s got pretty much everything we think you could want from a calendar plugin (although – if you want more do just let us know in the comments or on the WPMU DEV Forums and we’ll do what we can for ya).

So, basically, if you’ve got a fantastic group going on your BuddyPress site, and everyone wants to hook up, or plan a get together on Skype, or share dates of upcoming gigs or markets or events or exams….

What you need is a group calendar!

Which is exactly what we provide for you in this fantastic plugin :)

Not only does it provide some really really neat calendar and event planning functionality though, but it also does it in a very stylish and (often) downright funky way.

And it automatically generates links to locations on google maps, shows you group events, events specific to you and – as you can see on the left – has a nice little icon.

Here, for example, is the basic overview of the calendar:

And here you can add in an event with a nice JavaScript pop up selector:

And, if you take a look at the bottom, you can even insert an address- and that will automatically create a link to a google map of the location!

And finally, here it is in repose:

Enjoy – you can download the plugin here.