BuddyPress calendar and event plugin

Our latest offering to you on the BuddyPress front is this rather neat BuddyPress calendar plugin.

It’s got pretty much everything we think you could want from a calendar plugin (although – if you want more do just let us know in the comments or on the WPMU DEV Forums and we’ll do what we can for ya).

So, basically, if you’ve got a fantastic group going on your BuddyPress site, and everyone wants to hook up, or plan a get together on Skype, or share dates of upcoming gigs or markets or events or exams….

What you need is a group calendar!

Which is exactly what we provide for you in this fantastic plugin :)

Not only does it provide some really really neat calendar and event planning functionality though, but it also does it in a very stylish and (often) downright funky way.

And it automatically generates links to locations on google maps, shows you group events, events specific to you and – as you can see on the left – has a nice little icon.

Here, for example, is the basic overview of the calendar:

And here you can add in an event with a nice JavaScript pop up selector:

And, if you take a look at the bottom, you can even insert an address- and that will automatically create a link to a google map of the location!

And finally, here it is in repose:

Enjoy – you can download the plugin here.

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  • I would go for it if there would be a page where all events are listed accumulated! Anyway, i like the idea of binding events to groups!

  • Yes i know, but there is no central place where community members can see and discover upcoming events regardless of the group.

    Right now, how should a member know that there will be an event if he isn’t a member of the group which created the event? He surely could browse the groups directory and dig for some group with a topic he likes, but not the other way round.

    There should be a page where all events are listed aggregated and in a chronological way (thats what i meant with events directory view, we better call it event list)

    In this way people could discover interesting events and by doing so also new groups. If they like an event, they will join the group, keep track of upcoming group events and discuss on the group forum.

    If you could add this feature the plugin would make much more sense in my opinion.

  • I love this, but echo Jan’s sentiments. I am in dogged pursuit of a calendering solution we could post to the BP home page that would — ideally — collate events added by all users, regardless of group/blog.

    (if implemented, a possible control could allow users to enable whether their event is “public” — i.e. added to master calendar — or “group only.” )

    Question: Is it possible to assign a calender to the entry page? That would be a deciding factor in ponying up the cash for premium subscription. I would definitely do so just for this calendar.

  • Will it work with BP 1.2 and will there be a directory view where all events are aggregated and sortable (e.g. Latest, most popular, Most recent)? You have one of the most desired BP plugins in your hands, are there any plans to release a simple free version (without Google Maps) – with an option to upgrade to pro (Google Maps and new features?).

  • Does it work with BuddyPress 1.2? I’d be happy to join but only if it currently works with 1.2-bleeding. I’m hoping to launch my site (with events) the day 1.2 goes final. Thanks :)

  • @Aaron: Thats great, so the functions should be in place and a global directory page should be eays to code – it just a matter of adding a template file and some filters, isn’t it?

    I’m also very interested if it will work with 1.2 and what your thougts about a simpler free version are? Don’t get me wrong, i will pay for it if i like the pro features, but an events component is strongly needed by the BP Community, even more since BP-Events development seems to be stopped.

  • Aaron,
    Have you considered any other options like an individual purchase of the plugins/themes or at least giving access to updates for x period of time for those who sign up? $79 a month is quite a bit for someone setting up a small site and while I definitely believe that some of the software you produce is worth it, having to pay to keep it updated every time there is a bp or wpmu update seems excessive. I can understand not getting access to new features, but considering that when a new version is released, it usually breaks the plugin, it’s more like you’re having to purchase it just to keep it going. If I buy MS office for my pc, i buy it once and then if they come out with a new version, I just don’t get new features, but my old one still works. With BP plugins, they won’t work unless you get the updated plugin that’s compatible with the new version.

    Think of it like having to repurchase a game for your xbox360 every time MS released an update to xbox live or having to rebuy software every time microsoft released patches.

    Please consider this option because while I can understand and believe that the work that you do deserves compensation, many people that are adopting BP don’t have the budget to maintain $80/month just to make sure that when a new release comes out, they will be able to continue to use the software.

    Thank you.

  • @21cdb: Aaron mentioned that the global listing was a widget actually. So you could create a global listing page without any real coding… just use the widget… and make a new widget area in your template if need be. Theoretically that is. I haven’t seen the plugin.

  • @David – I had the same thought a while ago, but for a paid plugin i want it to be in by default, with more functionality than a widget (mainly filters) and a basic layout close to the original BP directories so that everything integrates as smooth as possible. But anyway, thank your for the suggestion!

  • New Recruit

    @Chris M
    I understand, i’ve been there before. It’s not my call though, and from my own experience (I created/maintain this plugin) I know how much it costs, and the prices charged on Premium are more than fair. Even as we get more subscribers, we have hired more staff to put out more premium plugins and support existing ones.

    It’s really a win-win for everyone compared to hiring a developer yourself.

  • All I’m saying is that at least in my case and from what I’ve seen posted by others regarding wpmudev subscription model, most gladly pay to access what’s there right now but then cancel after a month or two. I believe that $79 for access to what’s existing on the site is a fair price as I liken it to “if person x pays and downloads all the buddypress plugins right now, they “donated” $79 towards the development of those plugins. I think that’s a great price for access to premium content. My only concern, and others concern as well revolves around the fact that if they buy something right now, you’ll have to keep rebuying it every month or two when a new version comes out. $79 once to get access is a necessary price to launch a site. $79 a month or committing to $419 a year can really stretch a budget if it’s for a small community site.

    I say these because I think this will attract more users for you and your organization. Please reconsider if possible selling this plugin outright or at least creating a cheaper subscription model that might give you access to limited projects, i.e. for $79, you can either have all access and updates for a month OR for $79, you can download 3 plugins and 1 theme and receive updates on ONLY THOSE items for 6 months or a year. I believe I as well as others would jump on that right now if that model existed.

    Thanks for your time and effort.

  • New Recruit

    Is there a demo site avail? Or something that lets us see if it fits our needs? I have no problem paying for a plugin but not crazy about throwing down the money to find it isn’t what I need. I suppose I could ask a zilion questions and hope I cover ever base but a demo or trial would aleviate that.


  • Answered above actually. “Haven’t tested, but we always release a compatibility update if needed within 1 week of upgrades.”

  • Hi everyone,

    I need event calendar plugin.Event calendar is manage in particular user events.

    For example(we have 100 members,which members have own event calendar to add and edit their event).

    If anybody know this plugin kindly help me.


    • New Recruit

      This plugin fails for me. I totally fell for the advertisement. I paid for the 1 month support thinking I would have access to at least the basic plugins and support WPMU has to offer, but I was only able to download the Group Calendar Plugin. It was great at first, but I didn’t like that fact that it didn’t have a picture to represent the event and the GUI was too simple.

      I recently upgraded BuddyPress to 1.6 and the Group Calendar widget is no longer working! I’m searching for a fix right now, but my WPMU subscription just ended – just my luck!

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