BuddyPress Group Calendar 1.2

We’ve just released a major update to the BuddyPress group calendar plugin.

Specifically we’ve:

  • Added “User’s group events” widget to show upcoming events for groups the logged in user is a member of. Only shows to logged in users.
  • Added email notification of new events. Configurable by group admins and individual user preference as well. Also you can set the default for all groups via a define in the plugin file header.
  • Fixed defines for default settings at head of file. Choose default permissions, group email on/off
  • Introduced WP/MU 3.0 Compatibility

Download the new version from WPMU DEV.

It’s really becoming a pretty amazing tool, check out what you can do with it below:

Organize Activities and Events

This plugin offers the ability for groups to coordinate and organize events. There are unlimited uses for this functionality, including practices,  festivals, performance schedules, business promotions, networking, learning management systems, markets, corporate events, etc. While creating new events, the user can see upcoming events that are scheduled for that specific group, as well as scroll ahead by month or year. This helps keep your group on track without double-booking.

Promote Events Locally or Globally Across the Network

This is not simply a calendar but it offers event planning capabilities and the option to promote events on the front page of the social network. Non-group members can see the events scheduled and may elect to become linked up with the group simply because they are interested in the promoted event. Group members will be able to check out all of the new events that are scheduled for the groups they participate in when they log in to your network.

Easily Manage and Update Events

Past events can be left on the calendar or users can delete them. When created a new group, the admin has the option to allow moderators and/or group members to create and modify events for the group. This is done on a group by group basis. Users may also view future events and load the calendar month by month or for the entire year.

Sample Event Details:

BuddyPress Group Calendar Features

  • Add Events with JavaScript pop up selector
  • Addresses are automatically converted into a link to a map for that location
  • Allow or Restrict Group Moderators and Members to Create and Manage Events
  • View events individually, by month, or year
  • Upcoming Group Events global configurable widget

Check out the Upcoming Group Events Widget:

It’s local…. but also global (if you so choose!) and you can choose how many events to display.

The global events widget in action

JavaScript pop up selector for creating events:

Additional Plugins for BuddyPress Groups:

BuddyPress Group Email – This plugin adds group email functionality to BuddyPress.

Pretty cool, huh!

We’re looking forward to bringing you even more great BuddyPress plugins as we go too!

14 Responses

  • New Recruit

    I know you call this a “calendar” plugin and, as such, it looks like it really shines. The use of the word “events” starts to get a little messy though. I think we would all agree that Facebook does events pretty darn well. So using that as a model this plugin seems to be lacking the ability to:

    1. invite people to an event
    2. have invitees rsvp (yes/no/maybe)
    3. comment/reply on events pre/post event
    4. see how many people/friends are attending an event

    In short, integration with xProfile and users in the BP environment. If I’m wrong and that’s all present, please let us know. A very robust events plugin was accepted for GSoC but it’s obviously not out yet.

  • New Recruit

    @James – that’s awesome. To my question: am to interpret your answer as meaning this plugin is NOT an events plugin and none of the features I listed are there but merely a calendar and that you plan on building an events plugin in the future?

    re: expensive it is if you look at it form the perspective of @Ma’moun who just wishes to purchase this particular plugin and not all the others.

  • New Recruit

    What I mean is that it manages events as it describes (we’ll have a nice video for it soon too) and we’ll either be extending it or developing new ones to cover some of the more advanced features that FB etc. offer.

    In terms of expense, couldn’t disagree with you more, it’s like wanting to purchase a new car without a warranty… or go to the gym and only do bench press.

    For the amount of time and cost developing, supporting and upgrading these things costs… it’d be a snip at double the price.

  • New Recruit

    Hmm.. honestly, I don’t think so.

    Although I already searched a lot, but I still hope to find some free solution, or even a very cheeper one that I can purchase alone. Don’t forget that we are talking about a free software community. BuddyPress and even WordPress, which are the base components of this simple plugin, are all distributed free-of-charge under GPL. Please understand that I am not trying to underestimate your effort.. I am not at all. I am just thinking of my requirement.

    Add to this, that the project I am currently working on, is a just-for-fun one. So I actually have no plan to pay as much for it.

  • New Recruit

    Like I said, it’s just a question of how much you value your time and your projects.

    If it’s just for fun and you’d rather spend days trying to sort out an issue than have it fixed for you immediately then that’s your call and I totally respect that.

    But let me clear one thing up, WordPress and BuddyPress are backed and funded by a company valued in the high hundreds of millions (don’t even go there with the ‘independence’ thing, that’s the biggest gag out) and ‘free’ doesn’t mean ‘free’ as in beer, it means ‘free’ as in free to edit, redistribute, use for as long as you want and all the other great things the GPL stands for.

    And, of course, all of our plugins and themes are 100% GPL.

    And if you think that it’s reasonable for people to provide their services, products and work to you for ‘free’ as in beer – I suggest you start taking a look at real life first and try to persuade your teacher or maybe the guy in the local shop to follow the same principle :)

  • New Recruit

    Janes – I totally support you r business model….just not the structure. I disagree with your analogy. I don’t want to buy ALL the car on your lot. Just one. I’d prefer an a la cart menu of plugins with support for just that plugin. That’s all. doesn’t make me right or you wrong.

    I would, however, like to see you guys active in the bp.org community. I can, for the life of me, figure out why you wouldn’t want to dominate with feedback and assistance which would endear you to everyone and drive more revenues.

  • New Recruit

    I didn’t say that at all. You and everyone else absolutely has the right to sell his own work that took a lot of effort of him. And no, it is not the case that everyone should distribute his work for free. It is just the case that every customer looks for the solution that (1)satisfies his requirements and (2)requires the least possible cost. So if the customer, me in this example, thinks that he can find another solution for free, or even a one of cheeper cost he will absolutely go that way. It’s because the same reasons you and others don’t distribute your work for free. It’s simply the life you talked about.

    Also, why do you think I asked you for the possibility of buying this specific plugin? Surly because I was considering to BUY it in case that was possible and the cost wasn’t too much for me. On the other side, I am not going to pay for a huge list of plugins and themes when I want to use only one of them.

  • New Recruit

    @Ma’moun you referred to the cost, so I was discussing cost, of course if you want to grow your own veggies or whittle your own vehicle that’s absolutely cool :)

    I’ll add to that that we’re actually quite cheap compared to the open marketplace that is http://wpplugins.com

    @Michael we’re not active in the buddypress or wordpress standard forums because we’re not welcome there – we’ve had links, threads and more removed from those sites because Matt doesn’t like what we do, despite it being 100% within ‘the rules’.

    If you go back through the WordPress MU forums history you’ll find that Andrew, myself, Barry, drmike and other peeps associated with us were by far the biggest contributors, yet almost as soon as we started offering services that Matt didn’t philosophically agree with we quickly became persona non gratis.

    At the end of the day the reason we’re not active there now is because we’re active with the ~200 posts per day on the DEV forums (and the live support!) – you want to see how good open source support can be… then that’s your place :)

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