BuddyPress Group Wiki: Exciting Addition to the WPMU Toolbox for Learning Management and Collaboration

Say hello to the BuddyPress Group Wiki, a new plugin built to assist learning management and collaboration on WPMU and BuddyPress. The developers took inspiration from several WordPress plugins you may already be familiar with: front-end-editor, bp-groupblog and wp-wiki. Please note that this plugin currently works only with WPMU, as it creates blogs in the database to manage each of the group’s wiki content.

BuddyPress Group Wiki Features:

This plugin was created to be a simple wiki for students to use in conjunction with BuddyPress, not a full-blown intensive wiki, as you may have used before. Nevertheless, it’s already got some excellent features that many BuddyPress users have been eagerly waiting for:

  • Group Admin can create a group wiki and corresponding group wiki pages
  • Each page has its own privacy settings, which can override the group privacy settings, to control access and editing
  • Shared document library for uploading files
  • Page revisions fully supported
  • Wiki pages are edited with tinymce
  • Activity stream updates for wiki edits based on an excerpt of the changed text
  • Alerts are enabled if more than one person is editing the same page at once

Future Updates Planned for BuddyPress Group Wiki:

  • Cleanup of code, reduction of pointless extra tinymce files
  • Global Wiki Directory
  • Site-wide wiki pages (not tied to a particular group)
  • Nested pages to allow for better categorisation/namespace type stuff
  • Improved navigation. Substitution of top menu nav in groupwiki pages with breadcrumb like stuff
  • i18n support

If you’d like to jump in on brainstorming and collaboration on the BuddyPress Group Wiki project, check out the thread in the BuddyPress forums. Support is available at: http://namoo.co.uk